Dear Mr. Buffett. Thank you for your suggestion that everyone who earns over $1 million a year patriotically pony up and get taxed a lot more than we already are. Your free advice so generously given should not pass without grateful acknowledgement. I can't imagine you share Obama's desire to punish the rich regardless of the economic impact of doing so. (Although you may be riddled with guilt over your wealth and how you've made it or spent it I am not.) But if you're not about punishing the producers for their success, the only other sane explanation - you... continue reading
Thanksgiving: a time to give … until the media are satisfied that you have given enough, and in a politically correct way. That’s certainly the view of The New York Times which unveiled its 18-page “Giving” section last week celebrating “40 Who Committed Half Their Wealth for The Pledge.” The lead article highlighted, and rightly so, top philanthropists who have committed to donate $680 billion to charity. That’s an astonishing amount and had the Times simply honored those involved, it would be much to their credit. America is a hugely charitable nation – Warren Buffett estimates we “give away about... continue reading
To paraphrase a famous movie line, the liberals are revolting. Only, this time it isn’t a joke. They apparently mean it. We’ve suffered through years of lefty calls for violence, claims the government was somehow “fascist” and led by “BusHitler,” pushes for Nuremburg trials for climate deniers and more. Through it all, the media message has been … about how scary and dangerous the right is. Watch as they downplay or flat out ignore the current tone of violent rhetoric on the left. Left-over lefties from the ’60s who once obsessed over the Beatles “Revolution 9” are now advocating Revolution... continue reading
Only a royal king and queen would use an entire fleet of aircraft to take a couple thousand people (!) from their royal court and elite circle of friends on a week-long holiday to distant India. Back home, there is deep recession immune to the king’s utter monstrous spending of borrowed dollars. His nation is waging two wars – one his chosen one – and it is under on-going terrorist attack. Their subjects be damned. The royals will party. The Nov. 2 mid-term elections stand as the severest rebuke of a president by this method in at least 50 years... continue reading
Congratulations to the GOP, which just trounced both Democrats and liberal journalists alike. There’s only one hitch: Somebody hit the reset button and everything started over again like the movie “Groundhog Day.” The campaign for 2012 has already begun with a vengeance. And vengeance is exactly what the losing side wants. They are angry – from journalists to pundits to the Twitterati. They want revenge and they want it in its most base forms. The Internet is a great leveler and allows everyone to express an opinion. Unfortunately, the level we’ve all settled at is somewhere deep into the gutter... continue reading
By my schedule necessities, I’m writing this on Sunday, right before election night knowing you’ll see it afterwards. And if I’m going to give you old news, I might as well make it really old: “Designed especially for city and suburban motoring, this handsome automobile is smooth, quiet, easy to drive and powered by electricity, so it can be charged up at home.” That’s ad-copy from 1905, for Studebaker’s electric car. 105 years later (!), we are told that GM will somehow return to glory with the lil’ electric car, The Volt, although they’ll lose about $2,000 on every one... continue reading
This election is about more than who controls the Senate and House of Representatives. It is an election that gives us the chance to examine the “ideal of freedom.” The late Nobel Laureate, Friedrich Hayek, wrote about in his 1960 book, The Constitution of Liberty. You may have heard of Hayek and another book he wrote, The Road to Serfdom, from extensive discussions on “The Glenn Beck Show.” Hayek wrote, “If old truths are to retain their hold on men’s minds, they must be restated in the language and concepts of successive generations …It has been a long time since... continue reading
I have just returned from a week in London. The food was gray, weather grayer, and their economy bleak, dark and foreboding. Their coalition government’s hastily cobbled together “austerity program” became a big U.S. news item while I was there, but our news doesn’t do justice to the severity of their problems. A few highlight of what were described by one news commentator as “the most painful cuts to Britain’s bloated welfare budget since World War II”: in recent years, during the winter, people who can’t pay their heating bills have been given 25 pounds a day; that is to... continue reading
Elections bring out the best and worst in politics. For the left, looking ahead at the possible loss of both houses of Congress, they’ve gone from the best of times to the worst of times in record time. The Democratic Election Attackers/Defenders (DEAD for short) are desperate. And that desperation has reached the highest office in the land. President Barack Obama left with only one option – reaching out to the only audience left, people who want to laugh at him. According to recent polls, that’s a significant piece of the electorate. So Obama’s last-ditch get-out-the-vote push involves appearing on... continue reading
Many people fear that ObamaCare will necessitate rationing, to curb consumption and cap costs. But an even better bending of the cost curve would be to eliminate care altogether. As it is obvious there’ll be less turf, turf battles have begun. The September 23 issue of the professional trade journal Dynamic Chiropractic’s front page story describes the Texas Medical Association’s strong-arm lobbying of the state legislature to make it illegal for chiropractic physicians to engage in diagnosis. The rationale: diagnosis constitutes the practice of medicine, thus should be the exclusive province of M.D.s. This follows the logic of the Texas... continue reading