The Constitution takes center stage. Politicians have fleeting dreams of fiscal responsibility. Legislators envision a rollback of ObamaCare and the rest of the left's short-lived socialist agenda. Here comes the Tea Party Congress. If 1994 was the Republican Revolution, then the 112 th Congress is the Republican Evolution. Call it a reminder that the people in Washington still work for the people in the rest of the United States - from town halls to what the media call "flyover states." If Republicans don't learn from the Tea Parties, then they will go from GOP to G-O-N-E. With a new-found majority... continue reading
More than nine out of 10 Americans celebrate Christmas - even atheists, agnostics or believers in other faiths, according to surveys by LifeWay Research and USA TODAY/Gallup . They might be roasting chestnuts over an open fire, decking the halls with boughs of holly or trying to get the Chipmunks Christmas song out of their heads, but they are celebrating. The problem is, what are they celebrating? In many cases, it isn't really Christmas. Sure, we're all shopping, online and off, decorating trees and even drinking the occasional glass of eggnog. We as a society have even somewhat agreed that,... continue reading
When Barack Obama took over, the one thing we were assured of was that the adults were back in charge. The media hated George W. Bush and lampooned his speech or his malapropisms. With Obama, we got the steady, academic hand that came from … OK, it came from nowhere. Obama had almost no political experience. He hadn't done much outside of politics. He was a blank slate and the left wrote one word on it: 'win.' And that worked. Still, the adults-only theme has been typical. Lefty media maven and Time magazine contributor Ana Marie Cox said on the... continue reading
Imagine the year is 1942 and the German government runs a news bureau in Washington, D.C. collecting government secrets. Even FDR would have laughed at claims they were actual journalists, locked them up and thrown away the key. He would have been right. There's a huge difference between an individual or an organization reporting abuses in government or business one at a time and the same people stealing enough classified material to run a spy agency. But sleazy Julian Assange and his spy agency WikiLeaks are trying to pretend they are journalists. He even calls himself 'editor-in-chief,' sort of like... continue reading
This week's news quiz is a toughie. If you blame Sarah Palin for the GOP's failure to take the Senate, have 'always loved NPR,' oppose Arizona's immigration law as "unacceptable and un-American' and called Republican candidate Sharron Angle a 'mental patient,' then you must be: A) Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi B) Lefty loon and entrepreneur Arianna Huffington C) An MSNBC host D) An elitist who 'will help headline the launch next month of a new national group dedicated to restoring civility in politics.' If you answered both C and D, then you should go back to drinking your Joe... continue reading
You'd think it impossible, but many members of the media appear as stubbornly clueless as is the president about the message of the mid-terms. On Sunday's 'Meet the Press,' David Gregory stated that Obama has the left disappointed, the independents in the middle disaffected, and the right resurgent. In response The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne talked about how much this president has accomplished, notably passage of health care reform and financial reform, and suggested Obama should compromise with no man and only needs to conquer the communication gap with the public. I make the lion's share of my living as... continue reading
Weeks at sea. A horribly cold winter. Poor shelter. Lack of food. Disease and even death. That was the stark life of the pilgrims. Yet when they looked back on their first year in the new land, they weren't angry. They didn't just cry over their ill fortune. They gave thanks. Thanks for their survival. Thanks for the food on their plates and the homes they had made. Thanks to the God who made it all possible. Historians debate where exactly the first example of Thanksgiving took place in America. They miss the point. The point is that they were... continue reading
Dear Mr. Buffett. Thank you for your suggestion that everyone who earns over $1 million a year patriotically pony up and get taxed a lot more than we already are. Your free advice so generously given should not pass without grateful acknowledgement. I can't imagine you share Obama's desire to punish the rich regardless of the economic impact of doing so. (Although you may be riddled with guilt over your wealth and how you've made it or spent it I am not.) But if you're not about punishing the producers for their success, the only other sane explanation - you... continue reading
Thanksgiving: a time to give … until the media are satisfied that you have given enough, and in a politically correct way. That’s certainly the view of The New York Times which unveiled its 18-page “Giving” section last week celebrating “40 Who Committed Half Their Wealth for The Pledge.” The lead article highlighted, and rightly so, top philanthropists who have committed to donate $680 billion to charity. That’s an astonishing amount and had the Times simply honored those involved, it would be much to their credit. America is a hugely charitable nation – Warren Buffett estimates we “give away about... continue reading
To paraphrase a famous movie line, the liberals are revolting. Only, this time it isn’t a joke. They apparently mean it. We’ve suffered through years of lefty calls for violence, claims the government was somehow “fascist” and led by “BusHitler,” pushes for Nuremburg trials for climate deniers and more. Through it all, the media message has been … about how scary and dangerous the right is. Watch as they downplay or flat out ignore the current tone of violent rhetoric on the left. Left-over lefties from the ’60s who once obsessed over the Beatles “Revolution 9” are now advocating Revolution... continue reading