June has been a month of new lows for the media and the president they worship. Exhibit a) ABC, which should stand for Ashamed Broadcasting Company, gave Rielle Hunter not one but three prime promotional opportunities. Hunter, of course, is the woman who gained fame as disgraced presidential candidate John Edwards’ mistress. He was secreting, sleeping with and impregnating Hunter while married to his wife dying of cancer. Hunter’s become tell-all-book author and ABC and others gifted her multiple publicity and promotional platform by ABC and other media outlets. ABC’s Rielle Hunter Marathon included appearances on “Good Morning America ,”... continue reading
According to The Washington Post, 40 years after Watergate “the future of investigative reporting is at risk.” Former Post Managing Editor Leonard Downie Jr., now a VP with the company, claimed we all need a “widespread recognition of the importance of accountability journalism in our democracy.” But he got so lost patting himself and the paper on the back that he missed one of the big reasons why many stories never get done by the traditional press. Those stories make their side look bad. We are watching one of the worst recent examples play out on the floors of Congress... continue reading
You might want to sit down for this. At 11:14 a.m. EST, Friday, May 25, something remarkable happened on the very left leaning MSNBC. If you missed it, you missed a rare and momentous moment in MSNBC television. MSNBC host Thomas Roberts raised a question about the fairness of Obama’s attacks on Romney as job-creator vs. job-destroyer while he was a private equity investor at Bain Capital – based on Obama’s poor record playing venture capitalist with our money. There is myth that Obama saved jobs at General Motors. It ignores the destruction he wrought on hundreds of family-owned, small... continue reading
An ad hit the airwaves this week featuring Bill Clinton talking about Obama’s moment of courage, in ordering the “get Bin Laden” operation. What does it signify? They don’t really like each other, Bill and Barry. Pundits like Chris Matthews, stuck with President Obama, are openly, eagerly, speculating about a 2016 presidential run by Hillary, a proxy for Bill. Surely if he had his druthers, President Obama would prefer that Bill Clinton was very quietly retired to a rocking chair. But here it is, barely the start of the campaign, and Obama has gone to the bench, and made Clinton... continue reading
I have a simple question for the media: The hand-wringing and protestations about states forcing or attempting to force people to show photo ID before voting continues. It is loudest and most persistent from Al Sharpton on MSNBC, but it is widespread. And the president’s Justice Department is threatening, bullying and, in some cases, litigating against states over this matter. The main argument from opponents of the photo ID is that such a requirement disenfranchises old people and poor people who mysteriously exist with no photo identification (with which to board an airplane, cash a check, get a prescription filled,... continue reading
The ignorance of the general public was on display during the April 1 “Meet the Press.” During that broadcast, a very recent AARP conference call was mentioned, in which the #1 question voiced by seniors about Obamacare was whether or not it had passed. Not only is what’s in it a mystery to 99 percent of the people – the very fact that it is law has apparently eluded many. People on the same show also mentioned that the president planned on using his “Buffet Rule” nonsense in upcoming speeches. I’ve stopped counting the number of people who express outrage... continue reading
Here is a simple story any news media type could manage or a candidate like Governor Romney should be able to tell. I just came back from travels in Florida . I was in Key West , a place literally made possible entirely by private investment, notably by rich oil baron Henry Flagler. Flagler not only built the first hotel and resort there, he built an over-the-water railroad that connected the Keys to the mainland and made population, construction and tourism possible. Flagler did it all with his own money. Unlike President Obama’s investments in bankrupt “green energy” companies, Flagler... continue reading
TV news loves a health scare. Deadly Tylenol. Killer tomatoes. Mad Cow Disease. Alar in apples. And lots more. Sometimes, as with Tylenol, they are legit. Others like Alar, entirely bogus. Every time, the template is the same. Someone gets sick and the ravenous media tear at the company or industry for not being safe. But ABC News has turned that idea on its head in its usual quest for tabloid headlines. It’s going after a company for making a safe product that we’ve all been eating for years. ABC and reporter Jim Avila has decided to declare open war... continue reading
It happens every spring. The players take their positions for the big game. The fans start screaming as the huge numbers on the board go up and up and up. No, it’s not college basketball. It’s a madness of a different kind, as anchors and reporters manipulate coverage of one of the necessities of American life for maximum political gain. It would be humorous if it weren’t so insane. But for the media it’s become almost a game. They scored points blaming Bush and now rack them up defending Obama. Nowhere is that more apparent than with gas prices. So... continue reading
There is a question David Gregory didn’t ask California Gov. Jerry “Déjà vu” Brown on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this past Sunday. Gov. Brown said that the solution to our porous southern border is not to seal it but to “invest” in Mexico! To “invest” in developing Mexico’s economy, so that there are ample jobs there, thus eliminating the need or desire to migrate here, and to “invest” in strengthening the Mexican government’s law enforcement capabilities so that it can deal with its drug cartels. Liberals love this word “invest.” They despise real investment, and lust for punitive taxes to... continue reading