Bozell's Column

For a moment, imagine yourself back in 2006, at the height of liberal aggression about the “imperial hubris” of George W. Bush in the War on Terror. The left's contempt for this man was rampant. Liberals savaged him for turning the world against this country. Keith Olbermann announced “the beginning of the end of America.” Now imagine, in that milieu, if during the Bush administration we'd witnessed a mass shooting by an Islamist at Fort Hood. Or a terrorist bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Or a deadly terrorist attack on a consulate in Libya. Would liberals... continue reading
It’s graduation time. Many college students are preparing for their commencement ceremonies. On some campuses, some students are playing a game of what we might call “Dump the Speaker.” Conservative speakers chose to deliver commencement addresses are beying howled off campus by leftist student organizations, and faculty as well. It’s either a left-wing speaker – or none. Rutgers recently faced this by inviting Condi Rice, and refused to budge. But Brandeis University has just knuckled under to student and faculty protests over its announced speaker, author Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She was dis-invited. You’d think a human-rights advocate would be cheered... continue reading
On April 1, Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray was denied a second term, defeated in the primary by upstart city councilwoman Muriel Bowser. The beginning of the end came on March 10, when the U.S. Attorney struck a plea bargain with a wealthy businessman who confessed he’d spent $668,000 on an illegal “shadow campaign” to fund get-out-the-vote efforts that helped Gray win the mayor’s office in 2010. So the corrupt mayor of America’s most important city is thrown out. A political scandal? The same networks that were utterly breathless over the local story of Gov. Chris Christie’s aides slowing traffic... continue reading
Top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett recently granted an interview to a celebrity-gossip website called Popsugar and revealed why she had come to Hollywood. “I'm meeting with writers of various TV shows and movies to try to get it into the scripts.” The “it” is Obamacare. Conservatives are no match for liberals in this arena. The White House people know the immense cultural power the Left has in the popular culture. Liberals rightly credit TV and movies and pop songs for America’s growing support for gay “marriage.” So why not use that power for Obamacare? Jarrett told the Popsugar crew that... continue reading
Our English-speaking media were very clear after the 2012 election that the Republican Party was demographically doomed, since all the voters "of color" were shifting toward Obama and the Democrats. They echoed the mantra of GOP moderates, stating the only way to political viability was through "comprehensive immigration reform." What these analysts did not do was explore the messaging that Hispanic voters are getting from Spanish-language media. Has the conservative message been rejected by Spanish-language voters - or is something being kept from them? We've seen a disturbing set of reports on how hand-in-glove these Spanish networks seem to be... continue reading
Politico reported something interesting before President Obama met with Pope Francis: “The visit is a rare chance for Obama to associate himself with a world leader whose cool factor far outweighs his own.” It’s rare for pundits to admit that someone else might top their revered Barack in the coolness category. They’re equating coolness and popularity, and the Pope certainly polls much better than the president, which is no surprise these days. Liberals have developed a collective man-crush on Pope Francis, even though he hasn’t budged an inch on the church’s teachings. The Catholic Church is just as “homophobic” as... continue reading
Obamacare is a fiasco. Why don't the media acknowledge that? And it's fair to ask: why don't they ridicule it? After all, in the Bush years, the press re-ran President Bush in front of the "Mission Accomplished" banner time and again, did they not? Perhaps Joe Biden at the signing ceremony saying into an open mic that this was a "big [blanking] deal" would suffice. How do we know Obamacare is failing? Ironically, because those very same "reporters" are doing the opposite of the Bush years. They're burying the story. They aren't in denial. They know the truth. They're just... continue reading
"The Laramie Project” is a agitprop play compiled from real-life interviews that indicted the entire state of Wyoming as homophobic and therefore responsible for the murder of Matthew Shepard. One character announced it was just like “the Germans who looked the other way are guilty of the deaths of the Jews, the gypsies, and the homosexuals.” The play packs a political punch and the Left has seen to it that it has been widely performed at colleges and even high schools across America for years. But last year the accepted narrative began to unravel. Author Stephen Jimenez produced years of... continue reading
The other day this story hit the New Media. It’s one the Old Media will simply never report. Two sisters, 16 and 21 and members of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, were holding a pro-life sign while demonstrating at the University of California-Santa Barbara. A choppy cell phone video caught the scene: students hurl obscenities at the young girls while a large, imposing woman, with two accomplices in tow, march off with the sign, having ripped it from one girl’s hands. The girls follow the thugs to the elevator, and as the video continues recording, the intimidating woman sneers at... continue reading
Liberals view the term “compassionate conservatism” as an oxymoron. How could it not be so, they reason. After all, conservatives are greedy and conservatism feeds that greed at the expense of the poor. It is preposterous for liberals to believe this for the simple reason that conservatism would be not just wrong, it would be evil. Some liberals want to demonize as reckless the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of America. Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint will have none of it and is taking that notion head on into the media with his new book “Falling In Love With America Again.” DeMint... continue reading