1. With Bush in Vietnam, Nets Hype 'Inevitable Comparison' to Iraq The Friday broadcast network evening newscasts, seemingly with no self-awareness of the role of the traveling press corps, all focused on how in Vietnam President Bush was pressed about comparisons of the Iraq war to the Vietnam war -- a topic he commented on only when asked by a U.S. reporter. CBS was the most adamant in raising parallels, Bush's avoidance of service in Vietnam and how he is now "creating another" Vietnam. Katie Couric declared that Bush "couldn't get away from the inevitable comparisons between Iraq and the... continue reading
1. Couric Shares Levin's Frustration with Hindrances to Leaving Iraq CBS anchor Katie Couric on Wednesday night empathized with the plight of incoming Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, as his wish to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq hits roadblocks. After a story by David Martin on testimony before the committee by General John Abizaid, chief of the Central Command, Couric ran a taped Q & A with Levin. She began with a very leading question: "Senator, were you as frustrated with General Abizaid's position today as John McCain and Hillary Clinton?" Levin expressed how he... continue reading
1. NBC Puffed Pelosi, But In '94 Tom Brokaw Assailed Newt Gingrich NBC anchor Brian Williams didn't exactly strike a tone of toughness with new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she was elected, last week asking her softball questions on NBC Nightly News about what "drain the swamp" meant and how "history was riding along with her." In the week since none of the networks have aired any piece critical of Pelosi's personal life, professional conduct or connections. But twelve years ago on November 15, 1994, one week after Newt Gingrich's big win, NBC anchor Tom Brokaw hammered Gingrich in... continue reading
1. Couric Cues Up Murtha: 'Did You Feel Vindicated Last Tuesday?' A year after the networks let their evening newscasts by championing Democratic Congressman John Murtha's anti-war views, the CBS Evening News on Monday night touted an "exclusive" interview with Murtha, whom anchor Katie Couric favorably described as "a highly-decorated Vietnam veteran" who was "long considered a hawk on defense issues" when he "stunned House colleagues by calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq." Though the news media trumpeted Murtha last November, Couric painted him as a victim as she reminded him of how "there was hell... continue reading
1. O'Reilly and Goldberg Scold Nets for 'Softball' Pelosi Interviews On Thursday's O'Reilly Factor on FNC, Bill O'Reilly raised, with former CBS News reporter Bernard Goldberg and Fox Newswatch panelist Jane Hall, "all the softball interviews of Nancy Pelosi" which aired Wednesday night. O'Reilly cautioned that "I'm not saying you should go after her throat, but surely when you have the person second in line for the presidency and she's the most liberal Speaker of the House in the history of the country, surely you might want to get into a little bit about how she formed her point of... continue reading
1. Nets Champion Pelosi for 'Making History' as First Female Speaker House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sat for interviews Wednesday with reporters for all the networks. NBC's Brian Williams and CBS's Katie Couric put the most emphasis on her presumed "history-making" ascension to House Speaker and allowed her to offer the most-benign descriptions of the policies she will pursue. "A woman on the verge of making American history," Williams trumpeted. Over video of President Bush, with VP Cheney and House Speaker Hastert behind him at a State of the Union address, Williams relayed how Pelosi "says she is most excited... continue reading
1. Matthews Trumpets 'Amazing Moment' of Pelosi Next to Cheney Just after 11pm EST Tuesday night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews celebrated how Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, a likelihood following the Democratic takeover of that body, will be "a great opportunity for her and a great opportunity for women" and an "amazing moment" when at the next State of the Union address she'll be "the incredibly interesting person" next to Dick Cheney with his "fire hydrant build" and "very distinguished snarl." Matthews told Keith Olbermann, his co-anchor: "I think it's a great opportunity for her and a great opportunity... continue reading
1. Brokaw's Election Template: 'Repubs Running from the Far Right' Even before any results were known, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw already had his template for the mid-term elections: The people are tired of "far right" Republicans and pleased by the emergence of Democrats who are "moving toward the center." Brokaw, who will be part of the NBC News election team, was asked by Brian Williams, on Monday's NBC Nightly News, what "trends" he sees emerging. Though a Democratic takeover of the House would likely put the far-left Nancy Pelosi into the Speaker's chair along with several other hard-left Congressman... continue reading
1. Unemployment Falls; Couric: 'Do the Jobs Out There Pay Enough?' In an interview with Vice President Dick Cheney excerpted on ABC's World News on Friday night, George Stephanopoulos cited the "exceptionally low" 4.4 percent October unemployment rate announced earlier in the day -- down two-tenths from September to the lowest since early 2001 -- and wondered: "Why don't you think the President's getting more credit for that?" Cheney blamed the media: "Well, you guys don't help. The fact of course is that what's news is if there's bad news and that gets coverage. But the good news that's out... continue reading
1. Cafferty: Bush Deserves Impeachment, Finds 'Amazing 98%' Agree CNN's Jack Cafferty listed a litany of supposed Bush misdeeds and how Bill Clinton "was impeached for telling a lie" before posing his "Cafferty File" question in the 7pm EST hour of Thursday's The Situation Room: "If the Republicans lose the election Tuesday, what should happen to President Bush?" Naturally, Cafferty's strong suggestion that President George W. Bush deserves the same generated matching e-mails, yet Cafferty expressed astonishment: "It's amazing. 98 percent of the ones that I read -- and I looked at several hundred of them -- said impeach him....There's... continue reading