In "sharing my do's and don'ts" as a journalist, Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten found good fodder in the presumption journalists are out to help liberals and Democrats while hurting conservatives and Republicans. "When deliberately slanting stories in support of liberal causes, always cover your tracks by quoting the other side," he advised. "Example: 'President Obama wants universal health care, whereas Rush Limbaugh, the big fat drug addict, contends it is a bad idea.'" That's not far from reality. Two more of the bits of advice he offered in " Unfit to print: The secrets that journalists never told... continue reading
Network journalists who were quick to see racists, haters and extremists amongst the "tea party" protesters were oblivious on Saturday to communists in the "climate justice" march in Copenhagen whose cause they trumpeted - even as the video they showed included brief shots of marchers waving red flags displaying the Soviet Union's hammer and sickle. "The streets were filled today with tens of thousands of protesters from around the world, demanding action to stop global warming," NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt announced before Anne Thompson marveled: "An extraordinary sight in front of Denmark's parliament building: 35,000 protesters filling the... continue reading
On the Sunday, December 13, syndicated Chris Matthews Show, as he ended the show with words of praise for Morgan Freeman's latest film, Invictus, and its depiction of Nelson Mandela uniting blacks and whites in South Africa in the 1990s, host Matthews referred to "white tribalism" having been stirred up in America, and showed clips of anti-Obama protesters. Matthews: "In this world of ours today, it seems that any idiot - almost any idiot can rally the forces of tribalism, including white tribalism in this country. You can do it with a frown or a smile - easiest thing in... continue reading
CNN's Jack Cafferty all but endorsed a global version of China's oppressive one-child policy on Friday's Situation Room. He repeated the argument of Canadian journalist Diane Francis , that population control is the only way to fight global warming, and mentioned the opposition of "fundamentalist leaders" and others only in passing. All but one of the viewer e-mails that Cafferty read endorsed the idea. The CNN commentator raised the population control issue eight minutes into the 4 pm Eastern hour during one of his "Cafferty File" segments. Though he didn't give much of a hint as to his stance on... continue reading
In an interview with actor Matt Damon on Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith discussed the star's role in a liberal documentary on American history: "'The People Speak,' based on one of Damon's favorite books, 'A People's History of The United States' .... examine's America's founding and expansion from the perspective of the revolutionaries, rebels, and rarely heard voices of dissent." Damon described the left-wing revisionism as "an honest look at - at where we've come from and the idea that all of these changes have been struggled for by everyday people." Smith also spoke with the book's author... continue reading
NBC's Brian Williams took time Thursday night to show video a statue of President Barack Obama at age 10, then known as Barry, being unveiled in Jakarta, near where he attended school at that age. "The statue was put there to remind children in Indonesia to follow their dreams and remind them their future is without limits," Williams helpfully explained. The life-size bronze replica of Obama in a T-shirt and shorts is adorned with what Politico suggested "appears to be a Nobel medal around his neck" and what the AP described as "the young Obama smiling at a butterfly that... continue reading
Thomas Friedman of the New York Times dismissed the ClimateGate scandal during an interview on Thursday's Situation Room on CNN, labeling it "nonsense" and an "idiot debate." Anchor Wolf Blitzer only pressed Friedman slightly when he repeated his call for a "price on carbon that would trigger mass innovation in green technology," meaning a large surtax on fossil fuels. Blitzer raised ClimateGate during the second half of his interview with Friedman: "Let's talk about 'Hot, Flat and Crowded' and global warming; this conference that's under way in Copenhagen right now. The release of these e-mails, what's called 'ClimateGate,' how much... continue reading
" Barack Obama as a person is a fantastic individual, but Barack Obama as an idea marks an evolutionary flash point for humanity," gushed actor Will Smith ( IMDb page ), who will co-host Friday's Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo. His idealization of Obama came during a recorded interview, from Norway, with CNN's Dan Lothian run shortly before 5 PM EST on Thursday's The Situation Room. Asked if Obama had really earned the peace prize, Smith's wife, actress Jada Pickett Smith who will co-host the concert with her husband, insisted: "All I can say is that our President has... continue reading
CNN's Christiane Amanpour lashed out at the widespread criticism of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama on Thursday's American Morning: "Can I just say, I think it's overdone, this pushing back against his award . He's obviously done something very significant, and that is...the United States has now had a new relationship with the rest of the world" [audio clip from the segment available here ]. Amanpour and CNN senior political analyst David Gergen appeared just after the beginning of the 7 am Eastern hour, about an hour before the President formally received his Nobel in... continue reading
MSNBC host Chris Matthews devoted most of Wednesday night's Hardball to criticizing Dick Cheney's declarations on Fox News that offering 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Muhammad a courtroom forum for Islamic jihadism is giving "aid and comfort to the enemy." Matthews suggested Cheney was headed into "birther country," and his guest, former CNBC host Donny Deutsch declared Cheney was an "evil and dangerous" man who should go away, as should Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh: MATTHEWS: It's amazingly sharp, personal charges. I say it gets to the very heart of this man's legitimacy, our president. It gets into birther country. 'He... continue reading