As of this Friday, NBC's Today show has yet to mention the Joe Sestak scandal, (as noted by the MRC's Tim Graham in this Media Reality Check ) however they did find time to poke fun at Republican California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina making fun of Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer's hair in an open mic moment. On Thursday's Today, they ran the clip of Fiorina's gaffe three times, even leading the show with it in the opening teaser with co-anchor Meredith Vieira exclaiming: "Ay Carly! California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina caught on an open mic making a joke about... continue reading
Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Friday parroted Democratic talking points while interviewing Governor Tim Pawlenty about the tea party movement. The potential presidential candidate mentioned the victory of several GOP women on Tuesday, prompting Stephanopoulos to pounce: " You didn't mention Sharron Angle, who's going to be the Senate candidate up against Harry Reid. " [Audio available here .] After playing a clip of the Nevada Republican saying there's "no such thing" as too conservative, Stephanopoulos listed several of Angle's positions and derided, "Are you concerned that some of your new candidates, especially those who have been backed by... continue reading
New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer, a fan of tax hikes in California, took aim at Sharron Angle, Tea Party favorite and the winner of Nevada's Republican primary to challenge House Majority leader Harry Reid in November, in Thursday's " Results of Nevada Primary Set Up Senate Race of Sharp Contrasts ." It comes as no surprise to learn that those contrasts, as filtered by Steinhauer, favor Reid. Even among the nation's most febrile political contests, few choices are as stark as the one Nevada voters will make between a circumspect four-term senator, one of the most visible emblems of... continue reading
Completing a full spin through the revolving door, Linda Douglass, a long-time CBS and ABC correspondent before jumping aboard the Obama campaign in 2008 - followed by HHS and White House positions promoting ObamaCare - has re-joined The Atlantic as a Vice President who "will concentrate on company strategy and communications," the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz reported online Thursday morning . Before joining the Obama campaign as senior strategist and senior campaign spokesperson on the road, Douglass toiled for National Journal , part of Atlantic Media which also owns The Hotline . Her first stint in the new administration was... continue reading
NBC's Andrea Mitchell took up the cause of the White House in admonishing Big Labor for wasting their money on trying to defeat Arkansas Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln in the primary there, as she echoed their concern, on Thursday's Andrea Mitchell Reports, that organized labor essentially aided Republican John Boozman's chances to win in the general election. Mitchell invited on AFSCME President Gerry McEntee to, in essence, reprimand Big Labor's decision to support Lincoln's opponent Bill Halter, when their money could have been better spent on electing Democrats elsewhere, as she scolded: "Why invest so heavily and embarrass the White... continue reading
During the 11AM ET hour on MSNBC, anchor Contessa Brewer discussed open mic comments made by senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina with Huffington Post writer Ryan Grim and remarked that the California Republican has "the 'Mean Girls' mentality" and "comes off like that Lindsay Lohan movie 'Mean Girls.'" Hall was referring to Fiorina making fun of Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer's hairstyle on air before a television interview on Wednesday. Grim completely agreed with Hall's assessment: "Oh yeah, absolutely. It makes her look terrible. It doesn't put her in a very good light." Though he added: "But it's not something so extreme... continue reading
Jonathan Alter of Newsweek once again blamed Bush and the Republicans for creating the mess that Obama is now cleaning up, preventing the President from accomplishing his agendas. Alter, appearing Wednesday on MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown," called the BP oil spill crisis "the perfect metaphor" for Obama's presidency so far. "It's been cleaning up a lot of the messes left to him by his predecessors," he stated. Alter added that Obama is trying to stop an economic depression "that, you know, began to happen on George Bush's watch." "It is a distraction from Obama's own agenda," Alter added about the... continue reading
Former New Yorker editor Tina Brown appeared on Thursday's Good Morning America to deride the mostly Republican women who won primaries on Tuesday as "wingnuts" and to sneer that they represent a "blow to feminism." Brown appeared with journalist Catherine Crier as part of GMA's "Morning Mix" segment, a panel that usually includes reporters agreeing with each other over liberal talking points. After Stephanopoulos recited the numerous women who won nominations on June 8, the current Daily Beast editor dismissed, " ...The only trouble with this one is, it almost feels as if all these women winning are kind of... continue reading
ABC anchor Diane Sawyer greeted Meg Whitman's victory in California's Republican gubernatorial primary by putting forward Democrat Jerry Brown as the savior protecting the nation against Whitman becoming Governor. "Jerry Brown told us today, he wants the country to know that he sees this as an epic duel in California between the politics of ideas and the power of money," Sawyer warned from Los Angeles in setting up an interview with Brown aired on Wednesday's World News. Sawyer later relayed how Brown "believes the soul of California is at stake." Condemning Whitman's spending on ads, Brown charged "it's almost like... continue reading
On Wednesday's "Morning Joe" the panelists were reviewing Barack Obama's response to the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and host Joe Scarborough asserted, "A poll yesterday shows that more people think that the government is mishandling this [more] than Katrina , which is just, I think, ridiculous ," with fellow MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell agreeing as she claimed Obama could have diminished criticism if a week earlier, he had "gone down there and stayed and had a meal with the people, eaten some shrimp." [MP3 audio avaiable here ] Later, Scarborough held out hope that success is still attainable... continue reading