Hate Radio and Gingrich As I suggested a couple of days ago might happen, Friday night's Dateline NBC hosted by Bill Moyers did provide a platform for more of his liberal politics. Friday's New York Post quoted Moyers as promising: "I went down there [Oklahoma City] with nothing but a desire to find out what was happening. There was no agenda." Saturday I spent some time transcribing a portion of the show. See if you don't agree that Moyers was particularly sleazy in his broad swipes at "hate radio" and "politics of this season." Neither he nor those he soundbites... continue reading
More Moyers Moralizing? Two brief items: Judging by the April 11 USA Today review on the Friday night Dateline NBC on Oklahoma, we may be in for another liberal sermon from Bill Moyers who hosts the one hour show. USA Today's Matt Roush wrote: "There's...a shared despair that their [survivors] ordeal has not brought the nation closer together. Cynical talk radio hate speech and election year political polarization leaves them unsettled and angry, clinging to each other in support groups. 'There are lessons for us here,' says Moyers in a cautionary afterward. 'If we're listening.'" Time magazine Washington bureau reporter... continue reading
ABC Makes the Connection! I spoke too soon. I missed some ABC newscasts that made the Unabomber-environmental extremist connection. On Friday's World News Tonight, ABC's Brian Ross reported how Ted Kaczynski may have gotten his targets from an Earth First list and "was at a meeting attended by Earth First leaders." I haven't seen any follow up on the other networks yet and this certainly hasn't become a major theme of coverage as blaming conservatives did after Oklahoma. But on Sunday's This Week with David Brinkley, Ross told Sam Donaldson: "He [Kaczynski] seems to have become some kind of environmental... continue reading
Polls, Cops , Minimum Wage & Unabomber More evidence that the public realizes the media are biased was revealed in a new Roper survey commissioned by the Freedom Forum Media Studies Center. (The press release I got last week did not include details on the poll, such as the number of people surveyed. It was conducted in March.) One question: "Do you think news media coverage of the presidential campaign is biased toward the liberal point of view, conservative point of view, or do you think coverage is pretty evenly balanced?" Evenly Balanced: 48% Liberal bias: 29% Conservative bias: 13%... continue reading