NQ Cyberalert Four items: 1) Rush Limbaugh's "Man in DC" gets interesting answers at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner to a question about the Freedom Forum poll and one about the Unabomber. 2) Media not upset by Al Franken's anti-Gingrich jokes. 3) Gumbel to replace Dan Rather? 4) You may want to watch Larry King Tuesday night. 1 Marc Morano faxed me a transcript of his interviews during Saturday night's dinner.(If you want a copy, e-mail him at " .") Morano asked: "A recent Freedom Forum survey of Washington reporters and bureau chiefs revealed 89 percent voted for... continue reading
Gorby the Great Four items today: 1) Tom Brokaw thinks Mikhail Gorbachev "is a great man." But not Ronald Reagan. Brokaw is also an admirer of Gorbachev's clothing, thinks he has "flashy eyes," and is "fun to be around." In contrast, Brokaw finds "all manner of flaws" in Reagan's "simple philosophy." 2) Cokie Roberts trashes Bill Kristol, well maybe not. 3) The Washington Times reports Billy Dale bill blocked. 4) Another take on reaction to that Freedom Forum poll. 1 Appearing on Charlie Rose's PBS show Thursday night (May 2) to review his 30th anniversary with NBC, anchor Tom Brokaw... continue reading
Hooray for Hume One item today: Brit Hume provides information you wouldn't expect on network news. On Thursday the Commerce Dept. reported GDP growth of 2.8 percent during the first quarter. All the networks reported the good news for Bill Clinton. On the CBS Evening News reporter Ray Brady concluded his story on why the hike occurred (more business investment, higher consumer spending spurred by tax refunds) by noting that "the prospect is for at least six good months ahead, and maybe more. Dan." Dan Rather then announced: "Ray, that of course would take us right up to the November... continue reading
Gas & Castro Two items today: CBS sees evil oil industry profiteers at the root of rising gas prices; and Peter Jennings goes to Cuba to polish up Fidel Castro. But first, a clarification for yesterday's e-mail message. USA Today on Wednesday noted that "the Larry King who made a $1,000 donation to the Clinton camapign is Larry L. King, author and playwright." Here's how Dan Rather opened the April 30 CBS Evening News: "What is driving up gasoline prices? The U.S. Attorney General orders an investigation to find out if something illegal is going on. For cattle ranchers the... continue reading
Clinton Lovers Two items today. The far-left views of a man cheered by his media colleagues and who does Hollywood favor for President. Under the headline "One of the All-Time Greats," the May 6 Newsweek reports that last week the American Society of Magazine Editors gave Osborn Elliott its Hall of Fame Award. From 1961 to 1976 Elliott served as Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek. Digging back in the Notable Quotables files I found this from Elliott to a May 16, 1992 "Save Our Cities" rally: "We hold accountable Republicans who have savaged our urban schools, our housing, our health care, our... continue reading
More Denial Another weekend, another round of bias denial and bias display. Three items for you today, from most recent to oldest: On the April 28 premiere of "Fox News Sunday" moderator Tony Snow raised the issue of the Freedom Forum poll showing 89 percent of Washington reporters voted for Bill Clinton. Linda Chavez opined that the public realizes that reporters cannot separate their personal views from their reporting. Al Hunt then responded: "If that poll is correct, it basically reaffirms the argument that Linda just argued against. Which is, would anyone argue that Bill Clinton has gotten an easy... continue reading
In Bias Denial One item today, a really outlandish assertion from a major city newspaper editor. But first, recall the Freedom Forum poll I e-mailed you about over the weekend. It found 89 percent of 139 surveyed Washington bureau chiefs and congressional correspondents voted for Clinton, 7 percent for Bush. Ideologically, 22 percent identified themselves as liberal, 39 percent as liberal to moderate, 7 percent as moderate to conservative and just two percent as conservative. For 100 newspaper editors around the country who were polled, 60 percent pulled the lever for Clinton, 22 percent for Bush. So, here's the response... continue reading
Jim Wright Returns Two items today: A very telling contrast in coverage of House Speakers, and Time on the minimum wage. Five words you'll never hear or read about Newt Gingrich: "courtly, gentle, warm, wry, wise." But you will read them about former Speaker Jim Wright. MRC analyst Geoffrey Dickens caught Boston Globe Washington Bureau Chief David Shribman's review of Jim Wright's book "Presidents and Congress from the Era of McCarthyism to the Age of Gingrich." In the April 21 New York Times Book Review the usually reasonable Shribman wrote: "Like the man, Mr. Wright's book is courtly, gentle, warm,... continue reading
Gingrich & Oklahoma They don't make the left responsible for the Unabomber, but they do continue to blame conservatives for Timothy McVeigh. From Friday night's Washington Week in Review on PBS: Mara Liasson, NPR: "When the President went to Oklahoma City last year and made those comments about loud and angry voices, he also made comments about certain conservative talk show hosts, that was very controversial. Do people in Oklahoma City connect the loud and angry voices with what happened to them?" Gloria Borger, U.S. News & World Report: "Yes, they're not happy about the G. Gordon Liddy's of the... continue reading
89% Voted for Clinton One item today, but first a bit of housekeeping. In order to keep everyone's e-mail address a bit more private as well as to eliminate the huge pile of names at the beginning of each message, I'm blind copying this message to everyone except the seven people who don't have a personal address and get their mail forwarded internally from a general company address. Now, for the news of the day: The Freedom Forum (Arlington Va division) released on Wednesday a 218 page report titled "Partners and Adversaries: The Contentious Connection Between Congress & the Media."... continue reading