Front cover of the September 11, 1996 report: | Best and Worst, from page 2 of the 15 page report One item today: Wednesday morning at 10am the MRC will hold a press conference with MRC Chairman L. Brent Bozell to release our final Media Reality Check 96 report on TV network coverage of the conventions. C-SPAN should be there to tape the press conference, so you may be able to see it Wednesday night. Below are the front page summary and page 2 explanation of the best and worst networks and reporters. If you'd like to get the entire... continue reading
Hillary the foot binder; To CNN U.S. & Iraq Equals Two items today: 1) On CBS on Sunday John Leonard charged that "Our pathological fear of Hillary and any other uppity woman, whatever her politics, is a form of foot binding as well as a species of hate radio." 2) CNN's Bernard Shaw, discussing the U.S. strike on Iraq, says his network doesn't "support any particular government." 1 MRC news analyst Steve Kaminski caught this bit of insightful analysis in John Leonard's commentary about First Ladies. From the September 1 CBS Sunday Morning: "Nancy pushed Ronnie into an arms treaty... continue reading
Totenberg's "Doctoring;" Dole v. Clinton on 60 Minutes Two items today: 1) The reporter who publicized Anita Hill's uncorroborated charges against Clarence Thomas expresses doubts about the truth of the charges against Dick Morris, even accuses the New York Post of "doctoring" the photo. 2) Sunday night 60 Minutes gave Bob Dole a chance to respond to Bill Clinton as they had given Clinton time after the Republican convention. But did 60 Minutes give both candidates an equal going over, an equal chance to forward their spins? Compare and contrast. 1 In 1991 NPR's Nina Totenberg went on the air... continue reading
***MRC CyberAlert: From Chicago*** Quote of the Day | "Nasty Little Scandal" Prompts Some New Clinton Scrutiny. Peter Jennings annoyed by Morris story. | Ted Kennedy's Hit Speech Goes Uncriticized for Harshness | Convention Ratherisms | Sidebites QUOTE OF THE DAY "They listened to those reports of the people turning down the dials when negative responses were made in San Diego. He did it on the high road. He said this was to be a campaign of ideas, not insults, no personal attacks. And I think a final thought, Dan. This was a convention that was well-planned and well-thought out... continue reading
***MRC CyberAlert: From Chicago*** Quote of the Day | Ignoring Al Gore's Inaccuracy, Nastiness | No Snarling Partisan Negativity in Chicago? | Where Are Welfare Questions from the Right | Labor's Political Intolerance, Mob Ties Surface on TV | Sidebites QUOTE OF THE DAY "But with these guys coming [Jesse Jackson and Mario Cuomo], it was kind of like your young love coming back and oh, I remember when I was, you know, young and in love with this guy who was totally unacceptable, and I did the right thing by marrying the right guy -- but gee, he was... continue reading
***MRC CyberAlert: From Chicago*** Quote of the Day | Networks Concede It was a Liberal Night, But Hillary asked to Respond to "Bitter Attacks" | Kay Bailey Hutchison's speech vs. the praise for the "stirring" Cuomo and Jackson though their speeches were laced with personal attacks | Most economists do not blame the Reagan tax cuts for the rising deficit in the 1980s. | Voices in favor of welfare reform vetoed by networks | Sidebites QUOTE OF THE DAY "This has been a difficult couple of years for you. Did that applause, the way you've been treated here, the way... continue reading
***MRC CyberAlert: From Chicago*** Quote of the Day | Another Day of Questions from the Left Liberal Delegates | Poor Hillary, Wondering If It's Worth It | Networks Worry Democrats Not Liberal Enough | For Second Day, Focus is on Evils of Welfare Reform | Sidebites: Dole's Harsh, but not Clinton; Another Gumbel Shot at the GOP QUOTE OF THE DAY "We were just reminded in that moving film that we saw here of your lifelong work as an advocate for children's causes. And yet, late last week, your husband signed a welfare reform bill that as you know, Senator... continue reading
***MRC CyberAlert: From Chicago*** Quote of the Day | Democrats Not Portrayed as Intolerant, Extreme | Just as in San Diego, Networks Attack from the Left | Benchmarks for Week One: A Look Back at San Diego | Sidebites: Public disagrees with Ted Koppel; "Moderate" delegates are quite liberal; and Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts go to bat for Hillary Clinton QUOTE OF THE DAY "You said this morning that the party's message will focus on the needs and cares of the people. Now, how do you reconcile that with a President who has just signed a quote 'welfare reform... continue reading
Three items today: 1) The Republican Party has been "captured by the extremists" and "Don't you get mad" when the First Lady is criticized, just two of Dan Rather's statements and questions to Bill Clinton for 60 Minutes on Sunday night. 2) For a former Washington Post reporter the Republican convention reminded her of slaughtered Indians and of Reagan's mean policies. 3) Just about everyone in Hollywood showed up at or served as host for President Clinton's 50th birthday bash Sunday night. One major celebrity shouted that "Dole sucks!" 1) Sunday afternoon Dan Rather interviewed President Clinton for that night's... continue reading
***MRC CyberAlert: From San Diego*** Dole called "Preachy Grandfather" | Networks which didn't carry Dole video had a different policy in 1992 | A CBS reporter insists CBS News has "been abundantly fair." | Week in Review: the 12 most biased quotes of the week. | Sidebites Quote of the Day "I think there were some transcendent moments but some risky rhetorical gambles here, where Bob Dole may have taken the risk of coming across more as the preachy grandfather than the grown-up he most wants to be, and that could turn off some voters." -- ABC s Michel McQueen... continue reading