Two items today: 1. ABC's World News Tonight , which didn't report poverty and income statistics when they were bad, highlighted them Thursday night when they helped Clinton. And their one expert credited the President. 2. What's wrong with liberalism, CNN's Bernard Shaw asks plaintively. 1) Bad news is news, not good news. Right? Not at ABC when the good news benefits Clinton. On October 6, 1994 the Census Bureau reported poverty had risen to a three-decade high. ABC's World News Tonight: No story. On October 5, 1995 the bureau reported a slight drop in poverty, but the gap between... continue reading
Three items today: 1. On Tuesday Bob Dole called Clinton a tax and spend liberal. Covering Dole's speech, CBS asserts that the "ex-deficit hawk" must "do more than criticize." NBC says Dole's latest themes reflect a "campaign of fear." 2. A federal report concludes that Hillary Clinton deliberately "deceived" federal regulators, but the broadcast networks don't report on the report. 3. Sam Donaldson and a USA Today reporter charge that their media colleagues are going easier on Clinton than they did on Reagan and Bush. 1) Before the Economic Club of Detroit on Tuesday Bob Dole said Bill Clinton is... continue reading
Three items today: 1. Bob Dole is losing. What's to blame? The fact that he's failed to nail down his conservative base? No, ABC says -- surprise, surprise -- that he's moved "too far to the right." 2. A White House reporter for the New York Times will soon marry a former Clinton Press Secretary turned liberal commentator. 3. Bryant Gumbel urges prayer for children because of the welfare reform bill. 1) It could be argued that Bob Dole is losing because he lacks conservative passion, that conservatives don't trust that he'll follow through on his conservative promises. But that's... continue reading
Three items today: 1. To Hugh Downs on 20/20 Friday night, it's Hillary the world's most persecuted First Lady. And Barbara Walters comes at Bill Clinton from the left, charging the welfare bill was "too extreme." 2. You can't always trust what you read. A local example of conflicting headlines based on the same facts. 3. The text of the September 23 edition of Notable Quotables. Most of the quotes have not been in any CyberAlert messages. Among the quotes, the New York Times says the Republican Party has been "a vehicle of white supremacy in the South, beginning with... continue reading
Four items today: 1. Taking shots at President Reagan is not limited to the news division at CBS. It occurred in the Rockford Files movie Wednesday night. 2. Speaking of CBS, Bob Dole is on the "attack" while Bill Clinton is helping everyone by "protecting" the environment. 3. The story of the CIA selling cocaine in Los Angeles in order to pay for the Contras in Nicaragua gets a one-sided hearing on MSNBC's InterNight. Check out some of the questions posed. 4. The MRC's Free Market Project releases a study on how the networks worry incessantly about to "pay" for... continue reading
Three items today: 1. ABC's Jim Wooten uses some extremist labeling to describe the Arizona electorate. 2. The Weekly Standard discovers that President Clinton hired his speechwriter from U.S. News & World Report because Clinton liked how the journalist covered his 1992 campaign. That reporter now calls Clinton "the moral leader of the Universe." 3. A study determines that during the conventions network reporters took up 12 times as much airtime as newsmakers and the networks approached the conventions with a liberal-left tilt. Sounds like the MRC study, but it's not. 1) On Tuesday night's (September 17) World News Tonight,... continue reading
Two items today: 1. On Tuesday's Today show Bryant Gumbel interviewed Susan McDougal from jail in Arkansas. But instead of pressing her on why she won't tell what she knows (for which she's been granted immunity), Gumbel sympathized with her plight and portrayed her as a victim of Republican politics. He asked: "Have you any doubt that Kenneth Starr and his deputies are pursuing an agenda that is purely political?" 2. CNBC cancels the Cal Thomas show, a decision Thomas says will only fuel conservative feelings that the media are liberal. CyberAlert 1. Susan McDougal has already been found guilty... continue reading
Only one item today: Bill Clinton snubbed the Christian Coaltion conference over the weekend, but the media reacted a bit differently than when Bob Dole decided to not address the NAACP. Friday night none of the network evening news shows mentioned Clinton's decision not to appear, though all did pieces on the conference. The issue came up only on CNN's Inside Politics. In July, all the networks aired stories about Dole not going to the NAACP convention. (Dole made a surprise appearance at the Christian Coalition meeting on Saturday and offered an introduction to Jack Kemp who had been scheduled.)... continue reading
Two items today: RE: Copy of: MRC Alert: "Nasty" Dole & Public Thinks Media Want Clinton to Win The Clinton-Gore campaign runs a non-stop negative ad campaign against Bob Dole full of false claims about "slashing" Medicare etc, so when Bob Dole reacts and criticizes Clinton who do the networks say has made it a "nasty" campaign? Bob Dole. A new poll finds that by a wide margin the public thinks that reporters want President Clinton to win re-election. Front On Thursday Bob Dole demanded that Bill Clinton release his medical records and complained that Clinton's ads were little more... continue reading
Three items today: 1. The Washington Post found a place where they reduce the deficit by cutting taxes. It isn't the U.S. If only Bob Dole were running for Prime Minister of France he might get a positive spin on his tax cut proposal. Headline from Friday's (September 6) Washington Post: "France to Cut Taxes $5 Billion in Effort to Reduce Deficit." 2. Get a complimentary "Team Clinton: The Starting Line-Up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps" T-shirt. For the San Diego convention the MRC created T-shirts with a drawing of Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Bryant Gumbel sitting behind an... continue reading