On Sunday, Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) will attend the Green Bay Packers/Dallas Cowboys playoff game with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Christie’s decision has drawn the ire of many football fans in New Jersey for not supporting either the Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants, both of which have large fan bases in New Jersey. During their Sunday morning broadcasts, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today did their best to play up the alleged football controversy, giving the story nearly six minutes of coverage. NBC’s Kristen Welker went so far as to insist despite Christie’s long support for the Cowboys... continue reading
Friday's NBC Nightly News enthusiastically promoted President Obama's proposal to provide "free" community college education, to the tune of $60 billion over ten years. Brian Williams hyped the " ambitious offer that could help so many families ." Chris Jansing asserted that the President's plan is a " a goal everyone can agree on ," but also underlined that the multi-billion dollar program is going to be a " tough sell to Congress ." [ video below ] Williams used his "ambitious offer" phrase as he previewed Jansing's report. He introduced the segment by outlining that "President Obama unveiled the... continue reading
CNN's Chris Cuomo made a "colorful" gaffe on Friday's @ This Hour , as he reported live from Paris, France. Minutes after police stormed both sites where Islamists had barricaded themselves, Cuomo labeled one of the dead French terrorists " African-American ." Anderson Cooper quickly corrected his colleague: " Not American – the man of African descent ." Cuomo replied, "Right – African descent. Thank you. Sorry, Anderson." [ video below ] The two journalists were referring to Amedy Coulibaly, who had stormed a kosher market just outside of the French capital and had taken hostages. According to a Friday... continue reading
In the midst of MSNBC’s coverage on the aftermath of the dual hostage situations in France that resulted in three terrorists being killed, MSNBC terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann railed against the “openly racist,” “prejudice[d],” and “hateful” National Front party in France as being “as much of the problem as jihadists are” for the country. Kohlmann also added that the National Front, which finished in third (out of ten political parties) in the last French presidential election in 2012, has “no business” being allowed to participate in the European Parliament, French Parliament, or in the next presidential election. Following the airing... continue reading
During her Friday show on MSNBC, amid live coverage of French authorities killing multiple terror suspects following dual hostage standoffs, host Andrea Mitchell lamented the fact that President Obama's political agenda may be setback by the attacks in Paris. Talking to Maine Senator Angus King, she fretted: "Do you think that this terror incident will in any way slow down the President's intention to continue drawing down from Guantanamo and to eventually close that facility, if possible?" The liberal-leaning independent replied: "You know, Guantanamo, I was down there about a month ago, and it is a recruiting tool for these... continue reading
On Monday’s NBC Nightly News , Brian Williams heaped praise on liberal Democratic Governor Jerry Brown of California, who was sworn in for a record fourth term. Williams hailed Brown as someone who was had “finally been able to turn around California's troubled finances.” As highlighted on this site Monday night, the State of California’s finances are far from stellar when examined more closely. An article in the Los Angeles Times late Thursday on the Golden State’s soaring health care costs only further expanded on that. In the article entitled “California’s Soaring Healthcare Costs Bode Ill for the Budget,” Chris... continue reading
All three networks on Friday hyped Barack Obama's call for "free community college," but CBS, NBC and ABC offered very little skepticism about the cost or feasability of such a proposal. Instead, Today news reader Natalie Morales sounded like a press release, enthusing, "Relief could be on the way for college students facing skyrocketing tuition costs. President Obama said Thursday night that he would like to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who is willing to work for it." Earlier, she murmured, "Community college for free?" On CBS This Morning , Bill Plante just regurgitated... continue reading
One day after a brutal terrorist attack in Paris by Islamic radicals, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell spent much of her Thursday show wringing her hands over Muslims in France and Europe being "under fire." Talking to Muslim Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, Mitchell worried: "This is a challenge for France, which has had a lot of negative legal actions and restrictive laws and a large Muslim community....What is the challenge as they approach this manhunt to not begin racial or religious profiling?" In a follow-up question, she proclaimed: "And there were reports in the French press today that three mosques may... continue reading
In a news brief on Thursday, NBC Nightly News reported that one of Californi’s two Democratic Senators, Barbara Boxer, would not seek reelection in 2016 and instead retire following “a decade in the House” and her first election to the Senate in 1992. When it came to labeling where she stood politically, however, NBC shied away from labeling her a liberal or progressive. Instead, anchor Brian Williams told viewers that she was “one of the most prominent” Democrats and likely caused fellow “prominent California Democrats” to hold “a lot of meetings and phone calls today.” In the past, however, NBC... continue reading
During Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News , one of the segments focused on a movie set to be released in theaters January 16 starring Julianne Moore as a woman faced with Alzheimers. While the movie, entitled “Still Alice,” focuses on an important topic and covering upcoming movie releases is nothing new for the networks, an executive producer for the movie is none other than NBC News correspondent Maria Shriver. In what was already a conflict of interest by covering the movie, the network also allowed Shriver to play the role of reporter in promoting a venture that could benefit her financially... continue reading