Media Suppressed Bush Errors?; Bush and Gore Too Frugal; Public Realizes Journalists Favor Gore; ABC's Prime Time Gore Aid -- Extra Edition 1) While simultaneously relaying Gore campaign-cited instances of Bush errors, CBS picked up the Gore complaint that Bush's mistakes did not get adequate media focus. In fact, the networks gave more attention to Bush's errors after the second debate than they did to Gore's fabrications after the first one. Also, ABC and NBC cited polls which put Bush well ahead. 2) ABC News flunked Bush and Gore from the left on education for advocating too little federal money... continue reading
Media Suppressed Bush Errors?; Bush and Gore Too Frugal; Public Realizes Journalists Favor Gore; ABC's Prime Time Gore Aid -- Back to today's CyberAlert 1) Media Reality Check. "Media Malpractice on Texas Health Care: State Comptroller Not Allowed To Respond, Even Though She Was Cited As Source By Gore Backers." 2) A second Media Reality Check. "Holy Squish! Lieberman Goes Soft: Veep Pick Hailed for Orthodox Morals Ignored By Networks When He Becomes Farrakhan-Praising Pol." 3) The latest edition of Notable Quotables includes a diatribe from a New York Times TV critic who complained about the "huge streaks of lingering... continue reading
Gore Vs. Bush Mistakes; Reagan Worse Liar Than Gore; Pro-Hillary Character Had Abortion; Bill Maher Unleashed on HBO 1) Best comeback of the weekend. To Al Hunt's assertion that George Bush is held to a lower standard on mistakes than Al Gore, Kate O'Beirne shot back that Gore "would have claimed that he had apprehended the three killers of James Byrd." 2) Little campaign news over the weekend as the terrorist bombing and violence in Israel have dominated the network news. 3) Newsweek and Time defended Al Gore's penchant for making things up. Jonathan Alter grumbled: "If these slips had... continue reading
Lauer Lambasted Lieberman; Clinton Nobel Lobbying?; The Contender Film Made Pro-Gore?; Biased Fox News -- Back to today's CyberAlert 1) On Friday's Today Matt Lauer pressed Joe Lieberman repeatedly on how the Gore-Lieberman attacks on Bush as a "bumbler" and on his Texas record contradict the promise of a positive campaign. 2) Clintonistas hired a PR firm in Norway to lobby for Bill Clinton to win the Nobel Peace Prize, the Fox News Channel's Rita Cosby disclosed Thursday night. 3) Actor Gary Oldman has accused Clinton-supporting film producers of turning The Contender into a pro-Gore "piece of propaganda." He plays... continue reading
Only CNN Noted Gore Fossil Folly; "Dastardly" Bush vs. Gore's "Cunningly" Smart Verbiage; Oval Office "Not a Flight Simulator" -- Extra Edition 1) ABC and NBC squeezed in post-debate fact-checking and corrected both Bush and Gore. ABC agreed with Gore on Texas health insurance, but unlike CNN's Brooks Jackson, did not show how Bush was also accurate. Only Jackson recalled how, contrary to his debate stance, Gore once advocated higher taxes on fossil fuels. 2) A New York Times news story called Bush's evoking of Hillary's health care scheme a "dastardly claim." But the same story asserted that in saying... continue reading
Surprised by Bush's Knowledge; Gore Exposed Bush Vulnerability; "Hidden Hand" President Cheney; Lehrer's Liberal Push -- Extra Edition 1) ABC praised Bush's knowledge of foreign policy. Peter Jennings cracked that Bush named nations "which his critics have said in the past he couldn't even pronounce, or perhaps spell." Gore did not show his "smarty pants" side, CBS's Bob Schieffer noted. NBC's Tom Brokaw thought Gore "had his behavior under control." 2) "Governor Bush seemed surprisingly sure-footed in the area of foreign policy," an astonished Ted Koppel announced on Nightline. David Gergen argued that Gore "was undercutting his credibility by coming... continue reading
Lauer Dampened Bush Win; ABC Asked Gore if Credibility Doubts "Hurt?"; Discredited Gore Global Warming Claim Ignored -- Back to today's CyberAlert 1) Network polls found Bush won the debate. "Of course you have to remember that last week's snap polls weren't entirely accurate so we're gonna have to see how this whole thing plays out," pooh-poohed NBC's Matt Lauer. Tim Russert warned that Gore "has to have one consistent image of just who he is." 2) Gore the victim? ABC's Jack Ford ignored Gore's distortions, but pressed both candidates on a faulty Bush claim, and empathized with Gore about... continue reading
CBS Stressed Bush's Unfitness; Landlord Gore Finally Mentioned; "Gasbag" Limbaugh; Philbin for Bush -- Extra Edition 1) The ABC and NBC polls cited Tuesday night put Bush ahead of Gore, but with Bush behind by one point in the CBS poll, Dan Rather stressed that on "dealing wisely with an international crisis, Gore is a full ten points up on Bush. Gore's lead is even bigger on the question of being prepared for the presidency." 2) Only NBC ran a full story on the presidential campaign Tuesday night, thus uniquely noting how Griffin Bell endorsed Bush. NBC also relayed Bush's... continue reading
Bush Lead "Sobering"?; Couric: Reagan Fibbed Too; Gore Alaskan Oil Error Skipped -- Back to today's CyberAlert 1) "Pretty sobering," ABC's Diane Sawyer remarked of a poll which put Bush ahead of Gore by 48 to 45 percent. NBC's Katie Couric recalled how Reagan confused movies with reality and wondered: "Why was it charming then and not presidential now?" 2) Media Reality Check Quick Take: "Networks Have Yet to Question Gore's Error on Alaskan Oil: Why Do Reporters Keep Insisting Gore Is 'The Master of the Material'"? 1 Two items from Wednesday's morning shows: "Pretty sobering," ABC's Diane Sawyer remarked... continue reading
Sawyer Took on O'Reilly's Slant; Bush Vs. Texas Tots; Charles Grodin Joins 60 Minutes II Tonight -- Back to today's CyberAlert 1) Media Reality Check. "Right-Leaning Talkers Shock Morning TV: ABC's Diane Sawyer Challenged Fox's Bill O'Reilly, While NBC Balanced Limbaugh with Begala." Sawyer brazenly scolded: "Should you be using the national airwaves to promote your opinions?" 2) MediaNomics analysis of campaign coverage: Time Reporter Alleges Bush's Tax Cuts Harmed Texas Tots; No Post-Debate Scrutiny of Gore's Social Security Claims. 3) Liberal ranter Charles Grodin starts his new gig tonight as the end of show commentator on CBS's 60 Minutes... continue reading