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Media Myth: Americas Big Dam Problem Environmentalists say they want renewable energy, but theyre tearing down dams, which provide hydropower across the country. And the networks are ignoring this eco-campaign to save the salmon and turn out the lights. Something Fishy about Eco-Extremists' Power Play Uber-left would rather take out a dam than give one about America's energy future. G: USA Today Oscar spread actually not focused on Gore B: APM reports liberal conclusions about tax cuts making children sick U: American Morning has trouble reading drink label BMI on TV BMI Director Dan Gainor went on Foxs The Big... continue reading
Rich Man, Poor Man My boss makes more money than I do. Is that fair? BMI takes a look at income inequality, an issue the media cant leave alone. President Bush and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke have spoken out about a growing income gap. So should we do something about it? Elementary, My Dear President BMI National Chairman Herman Cain: Not everyone makes the same amount of money, but that doesn't mean the government should act to abolish income inequality. G: USA Today finds skeptics of airline Bill of Rights B: ABC misleads viewers on cancer funding U: Media puff... continue reading
This Valentine's, Diamonds Have It Rough "Blood Diamond" is just the latest in the category of business-bashing Oscar nominees. During this Academy Award season, Hollywood takes aim at a Valentine tradition: diamonds. Media reports since the film's release have sounded like movie trailers, spouting hype about gifts for loved ones being steeped in blood. Remember Social Security? Grassroots support of personal retirement accounts is strong as reform resurfaces in Bushs 2008 budget but Democrats are pulling out of the discussion. G: AP: budget deficit projections down as feds see record tax receipts B: Philly paper fails to find eateries lamenting... continue reading
Health Care Face-Off The media love the idea of universal health insurance, calling Gov. Schwarzeneggers California plan bold and innovative. The presidents State of the Union plan? Uh, not that bold or that innovative. And is it a tax deduction or a tax increase? Both, as BMI explains. Life Is Convenient When You Define 'Truth' Conservative weakness has allowed global warming movement to get away with political murder. G: Foxs Cavuto makes time for good economy B: NY Times reviewer complains about Friedman documentary U: CNNs In the Money glad conservatives arent bothering reporters CNNs Romans: Conservatives Dont Bother Us... continue reading
Energy: Mission Impossible? President Bush has chided the U.S. for its oil addiction in the last two State of the Union addresses. Politicians and the media love the notion of energy independence. But its a costly idea. BMI looks at some of the facts youve been missing about the U.S. oil supply, as well as the costs of a major shift. Econ 101: How to Reduce Gas Consumption Dr. Gary Wolfram explains why government intervention in energy markets leads to inefficiency, even when 'energy security' is the goal. G: USA Today: Detroit now welcomes help from foreign investment B: Post... continue reading
Media Myth: The Recession/Depression of 2006 Do you believe the U.S. economy is in or near a recession? Thats what network news suggested about once a week, on average, in 2006. But even their saying it didnt make it true. A new BMI analysis reveals the medias fascination with the Great Depression and hints of recession, despite a ridiculously robust economy. No Wonder We're Depressed The 2006 collapse the media dreaded never came, so now journalists are looking to 2007 to make their gloomy predictions look smart. G: Post notes high cost passport rules add to U.S.-Canadian tourism B: ABC... continue reading
Baby, Its Warm Outside People on the East Coast were playing in shorts over the weekend. So was it El Ninos summery weather pattern, or sinister global warming? Lets ask residents of snow-covered Colorado. Journalists Snow Public with Avalanche of Warming Reports It's 'balmy,' it's golf weather and media claim 'it's the end of the world.' G: USA Today on tight labor market ratcheting up wages B: ABCs Redeker railroads viewers with one-track reporting U: CNNs In the Money downbeat on new years economy, though experts predict a good 2007 Dobbs Takes Left Turn on Private Highway Investment CNNs In... continue reading
Journalists Agree Its Time for Democrats First 100 Hours In the early hours of their congressional majority, Democrats have pledged to raise minimum wage and fix the U.S. health care system (more government involvement, of course). They can count the media among their staunch supporters. Democrats: There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Regulation CEIs John Berlau is on top of a big story the media have missed: Democrats attacking Sarbanes-Oxley for punishing businesses & workers. G: NY Times forecasts fair weather for economy sailing ahead into 2007 B: AP laments generous $100k buyout for Ford workers U: CNNs... continue reading
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Have a Holly Jolly Something Which holiday is that? The one with the Christmas trees and stockings hung by the chimney with care and the birth of Christ? Did the use of Christmas trees give it away? Many businesses are saying Merry Christmas again this year, but network reporters are three times more likely to call it the nebulous holiday. When Should Information Not Be Free? Hint: when you have to pay the government to get published. G: CBS does good stories on U.S. manufacturing, health care B: NY Times helps med students in Havana bash America U: CNNs Lou... continue reading