Tell the Truth! 2016
Tell the Truth! 2016

The Media Research Center’s groundbreaking “Tell the Truth!” 2016 campaign has one main objective: stop the liberal media from rigging the 2016 elections.

Given the enormous stakes of 2016, “Tell the Truth!” 2016 will be the most ambitious and expensive undertaking in MRC history. Through its massive reach, the campaign will expose the liberal media’s left-wing agenda and prevent the media from brainwashing Americans into cementing our road to socialism.

The American people deserve objective news media that do not censor important news stories or slant coverage for or against candidates depending on their ideologies. Unfortunately, the American news media’s goal is not to report the news objectively, but rather to advance the Left’s radical agenda.

In short: the liberal so-called “news” media are the chief propagandists for the Left.

For more than 28 years, the Media Research Center has conclusively demonstrated this sad and dangerous reality. And while polls show that thanks to our relentless effort to expose the media, Americans are increasingly distrustful of the media’s ability to report the truth untainted by left-wing bias, the multi-billion dollar “news” media industry still has tremendous power to brainwash Americans – and they will use that power to attempt to rig the 2016 elections.

Because these will be the most critical elections of our lifetime, “Tell the Truth!” 2016 will spare no expense in its role as the conservative movement’s shield and armor against the liberal media’s propaganda efforts.

Our message will be everywhere, and we will make liberal media bias a national issue throughout the 2016 elections.


Our mission

Tell the Truth!” 2016 has one overarching mission: prevent the media from rigging the 2016 elections. To achieve this mission we will:

The War Room

Establish a 24/7 “War Room,” enabling us to respond to media bias immediately, preventing biased reporting from influencing Americans.

We have already seen how the media will attempt to spin the news, ignore stories, and defend liberal candidates while attacking conservative ones. If Americans can not receive objective coverage of the 2016 race, then we will educate them on exactly what type of information they are receiving.

Raise Awareness

Create a robust grassroots campaign to raise awareness of media bias and to hold the media accountable for their actions.

How exactly do we spread the information that we collect in the “War Room”? By taking it directly to the American people. Our field organizers will be traveling the country and speaking to people about the constant media bias. Meanwhile, billboards, car bumpers, sidewalks, and social media will be flooded with our message.

Build & Grow

Undertake an ambitious marketing program to grow our audience beyond the core conservative base and educate the American public about the media’s efforts to influence elections.

At MRC, we're not trying to preach to the choir. While engaging our core membership is imperative, spreading our message to a broader audience is critical. That means we’re counting on you to Share, Retweet, and Forward to your friends and family.

Tools & Resources

Use MRC's websites, and, to report the news the liberal media censor and correct the liberal media’s frequent errors and distortions.

The media are still trying to hide their bias. That means we are always monitoring the outlets and journalists that try to spin, mislabel, and omit in order to promote an agenda. Once we identify the bias, we expose it!


Deploy grassroots activists to showcase our message at campaign rallies, debates, primaries, caucuses, and at all national conventions.

Our field organizers will be distributing thousands of field supplies throughout the country. The media will not be able to cover these events without seeing and hearing our "Tell the Truth!" and "Don't Believe the Liberal Media!" messages.

Expose Bias

We have already been through the Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos saga, as journalists will add and omit various bits of information for their personal benefit. By helping to expose the lack of ethics and objective reporting among individual journalists, their influence will be impacted and the American people will be more empowered to make their own decisions about the election.


At the heart of the “Tell the Truth!” campaign are the grassroots activists that volunteer to spread the “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media!” message. In fact, the entire success of the campaign depends on volunteers that help to hold the media accountable. There is nothing quite as impactful as having an army of grassroots activists turn out to champion the cause.

We can completely neutralize the liberal media by raising awareness about their penchant for spinning, mislabeling, and omitting facts and stories during their reporting.

But we need your help!

If you are interested in holding the liberal media accountable during an event in your area, or even hosting an event of your own, please contact Meghan Lee at or call 571-267-3500.

Help Us Fight the Media’s Left-wing Agenda by volunteering or get free supplies like bumper stickers, magnets, rally signs and more by filling out this form!


Be sure to use our hashtag #TTT16 when you post photos or experiences to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They will automatically be added here.

Get in touch

If you would like to participate in any volunteer activities, or lead your own sign wave in your area, please contact Peter Lee at

Call us at 800-672-1423