CNN Heroes: Focusing the Spotlight on Personal Responsibility and Traditional Values

By promoting such stories and the people behind them CNN has set an inspirational tone that may inspire others to similar acts of everyday heroism.

Questioning Michael Moore's Math

Times correspondent Anthony DePalma granted points to Cuba for "universal" health care, but found a lot to question in Michael Moore's thick praise of the Cuban health system in his film "Sicko."

The Left Eats Its Own

Times art critic Holland Cotter disparaged the Whitney Museum's new "Summer of Love" exhibit for racism, sexism, and commercialism. He only could applaud the anti-Americanism.

Julia Preston vs. Strange Anger

At a Council on Foreign Relations event, Times reporter Julia Preston described a strange anger in the land against immigration, because "Americans don't understand it."

Michael Moore as Dan Rather?

Entertainment Weekly cover boy claims anti-industry movie 'Sicko' is journalism.

Kaus on Fire Over NYT's Bad Immigration Polling

Slate's Mickey Kaus: "That NYT -CBS poll purporting to show support for the Kyl-Kennedy semi-amnesty isn't as bad as I realized. It's worse!"

Amnesty Good, Tax Cuts Bad

In 2007, the Times used its poll to push for passage of an immigration "reform" bill. But in 2001, its poll stories tried to explain away public support for Bush's tax cuts.

Just In Time for 'Sicko,' CBS Levels Two-Part Attack on Private Health Insurance

'Evening News' gathers anti-industry sources for airing of grievances against U.S. system.

The Poll's Goals

The New York Times reports its own poll on immigration, complete with slanted questions and a slanted cherry-picking of the answers.

Times Targeted at National Press Club for Politically Correct Coverage of Duke Case

Influential columnist Stuart Taylor targets the New York Times treatment of the Duke "rape" hoax.
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