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‘Key’ Obamacare Rule Mentioned in Just One Story as It Takes Effect

Employer mandate ignored by 95 percent of network broadcasts although it will cost businesses, could negatively impact Americans.
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Dan Savage: Charge Parents For Murder After Teen’s Suicide

Classic example of the left using tragedy to make political and social revolution
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NPR Scare! Ebola Destroying Prostitution

NPR finds a new reason to worry about Ebola.
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New Regulations May Drive California Egg Prices Up 40%

Farmers tell Associated Press it will cost millions to upgrade facilities.
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Christian Billboard in Times Square Has a Message for ‘Intolerant Liberals’

Christian group’s cross billboard positioned near New Year’s Eve ball drop.
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Say What? Resolve to Ignore These Media ‘Experts’ in 2015

From the dubious medical advice of Dr. Oz, to hypocritical comedian and Occupy Wall Street supporter Russell Brand, here are five voices to tune out.
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NBC Ignores NFL Coaches Honoring NYPD; Hyped Rams’ Ferguson Protest

Network displays it’s bias by reporting on protests that are distinctly liberal. 
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Majority of Americans Aren’t On Board with Media’s ‘War on Christmas’

Good news this Christmas season.
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Columnist Finds ‘Downside’ to Low Gas Prices, They ‘Undo Progress’ on Green Energy

Detroit News publishes David Lazarus’ claims U.S. ‘dependence’ on fossil fuels is like crack addiction.
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If Not for Taxes, Gas Would be Below $2 in 29 States

Media say declining gas prices act like a ‘tax cut,’ while lefties call for higher gas taxes.
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