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New York Times ‘Best Evidence’ For Global Warming Melting Since 1700s

Alaska’s Muir Glacier photos used by newspaper to decry worldwide glacial melt, ignores Muir’s history.
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That’s Entertainment: HBO Show Portrays Sex With Statue of Liberty

HuffPo Live celebrates sleazy sight gag.
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Porn Site Tries to Mainstream with ‘SFW’ Ad Campaign

PornHub has even enticed viewers with donations to charity for more video views.
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Lib Hero Macklemore’s Anti-Semitic Stunt Draws Fire

Equal rights activist pleads ignorance after donning racist costume.
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After Years of Threats, Prominent Climate Alarmists Still Seek to Jail Climate ‘Deniers’

Journalists and scientists called for ‘Nuremberg’ style trials, imprisonment, even death penalty.
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Uh-Oh, Even Jon Stewart is Blasting Obama VA

Hell hath no fury like a liberal confronted with government incompetence, corruption.
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Meterologist Says Climate Alarmists Used ‘McCarthy’ Tactics Against Him

Networks completely Ignore Dr. Lennart Bengtsson’s complaints, while stoking climate fears.
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‘Last Week with John Oliver’ Re-imagines Nintendo with Gay Characters

Show takes liberal complaints to their logical conclusion.
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Lefty TV: Abortion is About ‘My Fundamental Right To Life’

Self-absorption, thy name is ‘Liberal.’
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NYTimes Innovates By Interviewing … Fabio

Actor known for his long blond locks on list of more than 350 experts Times turned to for innovation memo.
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