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$6.4 Million from Soros Behind Legal Battles for 3 Conservative 2016 Contenders

Liberal billionaire funds groups trying to get potential presidential candidates recalled, indicted.
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Nuns Slam Media Silence on Middle-East Christian Persecution

Sisters speak out at In Defense of Christians Inaugural Summit.
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Urban Outfitters Makes Blood-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt; Feigns Ignorance After Public Outrage

Media outraged by hipster clothing company’s shirt ‘in bad taste.’
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Anthem’s 200th: 6 Most Memorable Moments in U.S. Flag History

The ‘Star Spangled Banner’ through the years.
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Jihad-TV: Al Jazeera America Favored Gazans over Israelis 5-1

Qatar-owned network avoided ignored Hamas ‘terror,’ Israeli casualties.
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John Oliver Mocks Government For Not Paying Off All Student Loans

For-profit colleges suffer the brunt of comedian’s rant.
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Lena Dunham Jokes about Aborting Royal Baby

Some Joke.
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Obsession: Media Include Gay Marriage ‘Controversy’ in Chick-fil-A Founder Obits

Media note marriage remarks in Cathy’s obituaries.
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U.S. Nets Joins British Authorities in Hushing Muslim Sex Abuse Scandal

Nets obsessed with Catholic sex abuse silent on Muslim crimes.
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