Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tccochJohn Cochran
National correspondent for
ABC News; former NBC News

"The onslaught of political and legislative attacks on programs for the poor and for the young is about to create even bigger problems for America's troubled inner cities. Just yesterday, Congress killed nearly $900 million in funding for summer youth jobs programs, a major blow to disadvantaged inner-city youth and to cities trying to keep young people occupied and out of trouble."
-- Anchoring ABC's World News Saturday, July 22, 1995.

"The crisp expert on health care who has come here in the past to argue her case with statistics was nowhere to be found today. Instead, politicians saw a woman hoping to succeed by appealing to the heart."
-- On Hillary Clinton's testimony before the House on health care, May 4, 1994 World News Tonight.

"[Bush] needed something to appeal to middle class whites, after he signed that civil rights employment bill last year. Once he signed that bill, he lost a wedge issue with white working men...Some of these [family values] issues have racial overtones, such as Bush's support for welfare reforms which penalize single mothers who continue having children."
-- On family values, during PBS/NBC coverage of the 1992 Republican convention, Aug. 19.

"If street people were asked today who Scrooge is, some might name Republican presidential contender Pat Buchanan, who said last night that the homeless should be restricted to certain areas and that pan handlers should be locked up if they ignore warnings to stop."
-- December 24, 1991 NBC Nightly News.