Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcbrokTom Brokaw
Anchor, NBC Nightly News
and host of MSNBC's InterNight

"When NBC Nightly News continues: in Washington, if they cut food stamps, who doesn't eat?"
-- March 22, 1995 NBC Nightly News.

"Wasn't it the Republican Party under the leadership of Ronald Reagan especially, and George Bush who put the country in the fix it's now in?"
-- Questioning Rep. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), February 17, 1993 Nightly News.

"Today, GOP congressional candidates were summoned to Washington and given a battle plan. However, as NBC's Lisa Myers tells us tonight, it is long on promises but short on sound premises."
-- On the Contract with America, September 27, 1994 NBC Nightly News.

"During the course of the last two years they have passed the crime bill, they have made progress on the deficit, they have done things like the national volunteer service. Do you think that the press has been too fascinated in Washington and across the country with other ancillary issues like the feud between the President and some more conservative members of Congess, like Whitewater and Paula Jones?"
-- After Clinton's news conference, Nov. 9, '94.

"Some see the Simpson trial as symptomatic of the legal system's failure in this country, and in Washington, the Balanced Budget Amendment as political cowardice."
-- February 23, 1995 Nightly News.

"A lot of people said [there was] just too much red meat there [in the speech]. You gave the impression that if you're not a white, heterosexual, Christian, anti-abortion, anti-environment, you're somehow not welcome in the Republican Party."
-- Tom Brokaw to Pat Buchanan, August 18, 1992.

"There are many people in the Republican Party who believe that the Repub- lican National Convention in Houston, at which you were a prominent part, was simply too extreme, too strident in its positions, and they cite your speech and Pat Buchanan's speech as well."
-- To Pat Robertson, election night 1992.