Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcwootJim Wooten
ABC News national 

"In Nashville today, at a family conference, Mrs. Clinton put a humorous spin on the story....Still no one has challenged the account in Woodward's book of the First Lady's imaginary conversations in the White House, last year, with Mrs. Roosevelt. No one including Jean Houston, the self-styled counselor, who suggested it and was there...The unwritten subtext here, of course, is that even here at the end of the 20th century there is a political price to be paid for those in public life who seek help for their private problems. Jim Wooten, ABC News, Washington."
-- ABC's World News Tonight, June 24, 1996.

"That's the ticket. Not a liberal in sight and that's the picture Clinton wants the convention to leave with the country. Democrats happily moving from their liberal past to their centrist future..."

"So Clinton and his moderates have captured the Democratic party for the moment. How they managed it over the next four days will have a lot to say with whether they can keep it. Peter."
-- On the 1992 Democratic convention, July 13, 1992 World News Tonight.

"There may be some small points here and there that Clinton might have preferred not be there [in the platform] and some others that he might have preferred would be there that aren't there. But basically he wants to move the party back toward the middle. He's comfortable there and he believes that that's where most Americans are. So what you've got in this convention is Clinton and the moderates doing what McGovern and the liberals did twenty years ago. They've taken over the convention; they took over the platform process, the rules process, they've moved the party. In turns of its image, at least, on paper and what we've been seeing on television here in the convention hall for the last few days, they have moved the party, picked it up and moved it back toward the center. It depends on Clinton and Al Gore as to whether or not they can sell that to the country..."
-- Good Morning America, July 15, 1992.