Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcbodeKen Bode
CNN Senior Political Analyst 
and Moderator, PBS's Washington
Week in Review

"Whitewater, we said in the beginning, is sort of diminishing, sort of fading away, it's kind of a shadowy thing now, and it's going away."
-- PBS Washington Week in Review, May 24, 1996, four days before convictions in Arkansas.

"You know President Clinton said, I think it was in the State of the Union, Alan, that the average Congressman, in Washington, made more money during the period of time that the government was shut down than a minimum wage worker makes in a year. Now that's a pretty compelling political case to make."
-- Washington Week in Review, April 26, 1996.

"So federal judges are going to become this year's metaphor for Willie Horton?"
-- On Bob Dole's speech about Clinton's judicial appointees, April 26, 1996 Washington Week in Review.

"On the other hand, there was, even before this suit was filed, a lead essay in Newsweek called `The Politics of Promiscuity,' that ultimately went over every single Clinton transgression from the campaign and everything else, filled with sexual innuendoes, that his policies were the equivalent of one-night stands, that he seduces the bulk of his agenda and so forth. It really was, made Bill Clinton out to be a political bimbo and it was kind of an outrageous piece of journalism. That's the last word."
-- On Joe Klein's Newsweek story on Paula Jones, May 6, 1994 Washington Week in Review.

"There is a broad public dissatisfaction with welfare policy in this country, but how much of this is a hangover of politicians who massaged the messages of welfare queens and welfare fraud, and produced a popular sense in the American population that undeserving people are getting something for nothing, particularly undeserving people of color?"
-- PBS Washington Week in Review, January 13, 1995.