Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcwoodJudy Woodruff
CNN anchor and co-anchor of
Inside Politics

"March madness has begun on Capitol Hill, and almost as predictable as a B horror film, the slashing has begun. House Republicans have made a small down payment on their plan to make massive budget cuts."
-- March 16, 1995 Inside Politics.

"Coming up, Republicans in Congress get the ball rolling in their plan to slash federal spending. We'll see how the Democrats are reacting to planned cuts in some popular programs."

"We're in Columbus, Georgia, but back in Washington on Capitol Hill, the Republican push for a slash in federal spending is picking up steam. CNN's Bob Franken has the latest on the Republican plan to cut federal spending, including some popular programs."
-- CNN Inside Politics, February 24, 1995.

"Americans tend not to be too enthusiastic about having their taxes raised again....But if the American people aren't going to accept it, if the politicians don't have the courage to raise taxes, what are we facing down the road?"
-- Interviewing Paul Samuelson, March 10, 1992 MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour.

"The Clinton budget goes to Capitol Hill, and from the President on down, the administration goes all out to defend one of the tightest fiscal proposals in memory."
-- Beginning Inside Politics, February 7, 1994.

"But I guess I still don't understand what bringing up draft dodging and some of the other points you made has to do with this election?"
-- To Marilyn Quayle, August 20, 1992 MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour on PBS.