Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcbwilBrian Williams
NBC News White House
reporter; anchor of NBC Nightly 
on Saturday; anchor of
MSNBC's The News with Brian

"A passionate and out-of-character defense of animals produced our Moment of the Week this week. It was Thursday on the floor of the House of Representatives. In the midst of a week that saw close to $10 billion in proposed cuts, House Speaker Newt Gingrich suddenly rose in defense of a comparatively tiny $800,000. But the cause was apparently dear to him, preserving endangered animals....Humans, however, didn't fare that well: funding for the National Endowment for the Arts was voted out of existence in two years."
-- Anchoring NBC Nightly News, July 15, 1995.

"The religious right is continuing a political offensive it started a few years ago but there is a growing number of religious people who find the conservative agenda offensive. NBC'S Bob Abernethy tonight on the fight of who speaks for whom."
-- NBC Nightly News, May 20, 1995.

"Also here in Washington, there was a rare late-night session for some in Congress in the effort to make a deal and avoid an impasse on Medicare. It involved a Republican-led effort in the Senate Finance Committee to make what some have labelled unkind cuts to trim a troubled program. In the end the cuts were approved, our report tonight from NBC's Cassandra Clayton on Capitol Hill."
-- NBC Nightly News, September 30, 1995.

"As far as I'll go describing Bill Clinton is he's perhaps the most intellectually and physically active person to have held the job in decades. I've also said that if Americans were paying Presidents by the thought, we're getting a bargain in this guy because, my God, he's just always moving, his brain's moving, he hardly sleeps...."
-- CBS's Late Late Show, November 17, 1995.

"The politics of Campaign '96 are getting very ugly, very early. Today Bob Dole accused the White House of using the FBI to wage war against its political enemies, and if that sounds like another political scandal, that's the point."
-- On the FBI files, June 8, 1996 Nightly News.