Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcthomEvan Thomas
Newsweek Washington Bureau
Chief; panelist on Inside Washington

"She [Hillary] is really convinced that the right wing is incredibly well-organized, and there is kind of a hate campaign going on in this country that is, is deeply and well-organized, and it poses a real threat to government and the Clinton's personally. And I mean, she may be right."
-- Inside Washington, August 13, 1994.

"Look, America is in a heartless mood. They would throw all those babies in the snow if they could. We will see how they feel after it happens, but the impulse right now is to just take away all their benefits and kick them out. Now, four years from now, after people are dying in the streets, we'll have a different debate."
-- Inside Washington, November 19, 1994.

"Yes, the case is being fomented by right-wing nuts, and yes, she is not a very credible witness, and it's really not a law case at all...some sleazy woman with big hair coming out of the trailer parks...I think she's a dubious witness, I really do."
-- On Paula Jones, Inside Washington, May 7, 1994.

"And to many women, Hillary Clinton is not a cold-eyed conspirator but a martyr. Last week, 1,200 professional women clambered into a $250,000 fundraiser for the Democratic Party in Boston to see Hillary speak. Women teetered on high heels standing on precarious plastic folding chairs to catch a glimpse of the First Lady as she worked the crowd. Is there anything to Whitewater? `Noooo, she's just being bashed by the press,' said Joan McGrath, a retired telephone worker. Why? `A lot of people don't like a strong woman.' To voters like McGrath, Hillary looks just the way she does to her philosopher friend, Dr. Houston -- as a Joan of Arc figure, persecuted for her righteous crusade."
-- In the July 1, 1996 Newsweek.

"Who has played the politics of paranoia better in this country in the last twenty or thirty years? Answer? Republican Party...Politically, starting with Richard Nixon in 1968, the Republicans have very skillfully exploited fear."
-- Inside Washington, April 29, 1995.