Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcshawBernard Shaw
CNN anchor in Washington;
co-anchor of Inside Politics

"Question to you, Bob Squier. Have the Republicans pulled a snow job on the American voters by making them believe Bill Clinton has raised their taxes?"
-- CNN anchor Bernard Shaw on Inside Politics, July 19, 1994.

"What do you say to people who say that you are an extremist, that you're a right-winger, that you're a nut, that you're a bomb thrower?"
-- To U.S. Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA) on Inside Politics, April 12, 1995.

"Speaking of shooting, has the tide gone so much against the National Rifle Association that, at last, you members of Congress will pass federal hand gun control?"
-- To Senators Bob Dole and George Mitchell, September 7, 1993.

"Very frankly, I am very puzzled by one paragraph, one sentence in the Vice President's speech on page six. In a very petulant voice, and listen to the words: he said, `To Governor Clinton I say this: America is the greatest nation in the world and that's one thing you're not going to change.' Implying that Clinton is some kind of guerrilla, saboteur, or what have you. That's my reaction to that line Ken Bode, I don't know about you. It implies something that, it seems that he's saying you're not as American as I am, your blood is not as red as mine."
-- After VP Quayle's convention speech, August 20, 1992.

"Two years ago the American voters gave Bill Clinton a mandate for change. He went to Washington, sought to create change. He had internal problems with his staff, he had external problems. There were questions about his personality, his character, et cetera. But I don't think anyone can question that this man and his staff sought what was best for the United States. Tonight, it is clear voters coast to coast in this country have said `We want a change.' Now Republicans had voted this Democrat to be virtually, or described him as a monster. My question is essentially this: Where did he go wrong? What did he do so wrong that was against the American body politic, considering that he loves this country as much as you and I do?"
-- To Pat Buchanan during 1994 election night coverage.