Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcmoyeBill Moyers
PBS Omnipresence; NBC 
News reporter and host of 
MSNBC's InterNight

"Big winners won this round -- corporations, investors, people with high incomes, including yours truly....But every good deal carries trade-offs and here are some to this tax bill. One, it invites the return of mischievous tax shelters that distort the economy. Two, you can't be sure of its results. The 1981 tax cuts were followed by the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Three, by encouraging consumption over savings the tax bill risks inflation. Four, it stirs sleeping cynics. How come so many tax breaks are proposed for wealthy individuals and corporations who've been pouring money into party coffers at the rate of $123,000 a day?"
-- April 6, 1995 NBC Nightly News commentary on the Republican tax cut proposal.

"They're angry now that, most of the people who were killed were connected, in one way or the other, to the federal government. They thought of themselves as public servants. Then politicians and talk radio turned them into faceless bureaucrats, and finally the terrorists turned them into victims, and they're angry."
-- Promoting April 12, 1996 Dateline NBC on Oklahoma City bombing victims.

"Gingrich uses words as if they were napalm bombs...He sent conservative candidates a long list of words to smear their opponents -- words like `sick,' `pathetic,' `traitors,' `corrupt,' `anti-family,' `disgrace.' With talk radio quoting it all back to us, our political landscape is a toxic dump."
-- March 7, 1995 NBC Nightly News.

"A majority of people say they don't like what they're learning about this Contract. They know the difference between reforming the welfare state and replacing it with the corporate state....Some of this stuff...could only get through hidden in the hubcaps of a juggernaut."
-- On Gingrich, March 23, 1995 NBC Nightly News.