Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcifillGwen Ifill
National Correspondent for NBC News

"But you said a minute ago you're not sure what the religious, what the right-wing is anymore, and there's this so-called religious right. Isn't it a question, isn't the line mostly a question of tolerance and intolerance?"
-- To Senator Bob Dole, July 17, 1994 CBS Face the Nation.

"Buchanan can hit a hot button from a mile away. America First is a theme that plays well against middle class fears, and it treads a fine line between the politics of resentment and outright demagoguery."
-- NBC Nightly News, February 21, 1996.

"There's a war being waged within the Republican party as conservatives fight among themselves over pushing their party even further to the right...."
-- NBC Nightly News, April 13, 1995.

"Well, one of the problem spots is the same place where George Bush had a problem spot and that's Pat Buchanan, who might not be able to beat Bob Dole, but he can certainly shape the race, he can stake out the absolutely most extreme positions and actually get people to support him. He didn't do so poorly in Florida, considering the fact that he didn't really work very hard."
-- On problems Bob Dole faces in the GOP primaries, December 1, 1995 PBS Washington Week In Review.