Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tchuntAl Hunt
Executive Washington Editor of 
The Wall Street Journal; panelist
on CNN's Capital Gang

"What this Contract [with America] says is you can have hot fudge sundae for every meal and still lose weight. It's a fraud and there's a whole lot of Republicans who already are starting to forget where they were September 27."
-- CNN's Capital Gang, October 1, 1994.

"I would hope that, ultimately, the public would reject an agenda that rewards the most affluent, and ignores those most in need. But I must tell you, if you want me to take a look at this election -- I have to tell you that without a Ronald Reagan at the top of the ticket, this may well prove to be a seminal election...I'm saddened."
-- On the Republican takeover of the House and Senate, November 12, 1994 Capital Gang.

"This is some of the greatest redistribution of income I've ever seen, from have-nots to the haves...This is enough to put Robin Hood to shame."
-- On the Republican plan to cut spending and taxes, March 18, 1995 Capital Gang.

"There was a `Stand for Children' march in Washington today, joining people from all over the country who care about kids. But politically inspired right-wingers have assailed this gathering as a radical group, intent on expanding the role of government. In fact, the group includes the Girl Scouts, the American Academy of Pediatricians, and the Junior League. Only the self-centered, loony right-wing would consider groups like this, in support for disadvantaged kids, as radical."
-- Outrage of the Week, June 1, 1996 Capital Gang.

"Let me go to the minimum wage though for a minute...Ten million people would be affected by it. Most of them live at or below the poverty level. And this Congress which is trying to cut the Earned Income Tax Credit, which conservatives used to tell us was the alternative, and refuses to do anything about the minimum wage makes Marie Antoinette look like Mother Teresa. It is just an outrage!"
-- March 30, 1996 edition of CNN's Capital Gang.