Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcfineHoward Fineman
Newsweek Washington bureau 
reporter; panelist on CNN's
Capital Gang

"There's no doubting that the nation is about to be led by its first sensitive male chief executive. He's the first President to have attended both Lamaze classes and family therapy (as part of his brother's drug rehabilitation.) He can speak in the rhythms and rhetoric of pop psychology and self-actualization. He can search for the inner self while seeking connectedness with the greater whole." -- January 25, 1993 Newsweek.

"The President's claims to budget-cutting fervor has some plausibility. The deficit is down -- perhaps 40 percent more than had been predicted, and Clinton vowed to submit a 'tough' budget next week. In many ways, it will be. He'll propose cutting hundreds of programs and eliminating dozens of others."
-- February 7, 1994 Newsweek.

"You may recall that Ronald Reagan, on whom Forbes models himself, said his tax cuts would balance the budget. Instead, they helped add trillions to the national debt."
-- Fineman and Mark Hosenball, January 29, 1996 Newsweek.

"Clinton is giving the best evidence yet of his approach to leadership. It's about understanding, not threats; accommodation, not confrontation; about getting people (or at least Democrats) to sing the same song. The style is reminiscent of another patient, nonjudgmental figure given to hugging in public: Barney the Dinosaur."
-- Fineman and Eleanor Clift, August 9, 1993 Newsweek.

"The Oklahoma bombing has illuminated a once dark landscape much farther afield: a radical fringe of militant gun owners, `hate radio' talk show hosts, racial extremists, and religious cultists. Their numbers are small -- and their GOP ties tenuous at best. But their fervor is influential at the grass roots Republicans call their own."
-- May 8, 1995 Newsweek.