Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcdougLinda Douglass
National correspondent, ABC
News; former national correspondent,
CBS News

"Reforming America's health care system will take the work of a master politician. Enter the President's wife."
-- September 28, 1993 Evening News.

"[Governor John] Engler wants the job, he's very conservative, he's a passionate campaigner, but he may be too conservative to appeal to the women voters, for example, out there, who are going to have trouble with a totally conservative Republican ticket."
-- On potential VP choices, March 18, 1996 CBS This Morning.

"Dornan's campaign themes are faith, family, and freedom. He condemns abortion and homosexuality. Dornan's views are considered extreme, but in today's increasingly conservative Republican Party, he's not as far out as he used to be."
-- On Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA), April 13, 1995 Evening News.

"Mrs. Clinton's tone was gentle and thoughtful...."
-- About Hillary Clinton's "pretty in pink" press conference, April 22, 1994 CBS Evening News.

"Well, they have a very elaborate plan to pay for this revolution in health care. It doesn't provide for much new in the way of taxes, just a sin tax, cigarette tax. They claim the money's going to come from savings in spending."
-- On the Clinton health plan, CBS This Morning, September 15, 1993.

"Playing what could be the most important role of any First Lady in history, Hillary Clinton hit the road to sell health care reform today. Using a mix of motherly compassion and lawyerly toughness, Mrs. Clinton chatted with average Americans in Minneapolis."
-- September 17, 1993 Evening News.

"Though some VA and Social Security workers will return next week, the backlog of cases will be tremendous, and in the rest of government, problems are worsening. Imported Christmas toys, which could be unsafe, are not being examined by safety inspectors."
-- On the federal shutdown, November 16, 1995 CBS Evening News.