Secular Snobs

Documenting the National Media's Long-Standing Hostility to Religion

III. Liberal Saviors

Ironically, the media elite’s fear of GOP theocracy is matched by a willingness for some to entertain -- without embarrassment – that leftist icons and Democratic Presidents from Clinton to Obama bear a striking resemblance to Jesus Christ. The public might wonder if the media elite are suggesting these left-wing saviors are seen as superior secular examples to take the place of Jesus in all offerings of homage and glory.

“Roger [Clinton]’s life is in some ways the story of any younger sibling clobbered by the spectacular success of the one who came before. The presidential brother syndrome. If your brother is Christ, you have a choice: become a disciple, or become an anti-christ, or find yourself caught somewhere between the two.”
Washington Post reporter Laura Blumenfeld, January 24, 1993 “Style” section story.

“He’s simultaneously endowed with the humility of an everyman and the larger-than-life presence of a hero....In the proliferation of his image since his death (he’d be 69 today), he’s remained an ever-youthful demi-god. Chesucristo, superstar.”
Los Angeles Times art critic Christopher Knight honoring communist guerrilla fighter Che Guevara, October 18, 1997.


“When I watched him [former President Bill Clinton] at Mrs. King’s funeral, I just have never seen anything like it....There are times when he sounds like Jesus in the temple.”
— MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Hardball, February 28, 2007.


“People have called you ‘The Savior,’ ‘The Messiah,’ ‘The Messenger of Change.’ The expectations have been raised to such a level....If you are, as you just say, lucky enough to be elected the next President, are you going to have to consciously manage expectations during the first several months of your administration?”
— NBC’s Matt Lauer to Barack Obama on Today, October 20, 2008.