Plain as the News on Your Face: Clinton Lies and Obstruction That TV News Has Ignored

2. Destruction or Hiding of Documents.

THE CHARGE: Obstruction of justice occurred in the destruction of or hiding of relevant documents in the Whitewater investigation. Rose Law Firm shreddings, late-appearing billing records in the White House residence, and White House lawyers' meeting notes like "Vacuum Rose Law Files" show important elements of the Whitewater story may never be known.

WHAT PRINT MEDIA REPORTED: On November 6, Associated Press reported the latest discovery of hidden documents came thanks to an Arkansas tornado. Hidden and possibly forgotten in the trunk of a tornado-damaged Mercury Marquis was a stash of Whitewater documents, including a check made out to Bill Clinton from Whitewater partner Jim McDougal. Former McDougal courier Henry Floyd just left the car with a trunk full of bank documents after a dispute with a repair shop, where it sat for nine years.

textbox2_319WHY IT WAS IMPORTANT: On November 10, 1997, NBC Nightly News reporter Fred Francis explained: "Before junking [the car], mechanic Johnny Lawhorn pried open the trunk and found a cashier's check for $27,600 payable to Bill Clinton. Adding to the mystery, Bill Clinton has testified that he never borrowed money from his Whitewater partner. But the amount of the check corresponds exactly to the amount of a Whitewater loan repayment. So why was it made out to Bill Clinton? That's what the Whitewater grand jury wants to know." Was Clinton an active partner in shady Whitewater deals? Francis added: "And although Clinton's attorneys discredit the new documents, there are a trunk full of bank records. Some of them relating to a time when Hillary Clinton worked as a lawyer on another McDougal land deal, Castle Grande. Castle Grande is a thousand acre tract that McDougal wanted to sell as trailer home sites. The grand jury is now examining these documents to help answer the question whether Mrs. Clinton has honestly portrayed her role in the financing of that project."

HOW TV NETWORKS COVERED IT: ABC's World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and CNN's The World Today never covered it. Only NBC reported a full story. (CNN covered the revelation on the afternoon show Inside Politics. CBS included a brief mention on their low-rated show Saturday Morning.)