Meet the Real Katie Couric

CBS’s New Star Adores Liberals, Scolds Conservatives — And Thinks America Should Be More Like France

Distressed by Clinton Under Fire

TextBox3"I also read in the many things that have been written about your son and his childhood that he used to walk to church alone with a Bible under his arm....[During the campaign] he, of course, has been the target of a lot of controversy involving allegations of marital infidelity, draft dodging, not inhaling. Are these legitimate campaign issues, in your view?...How tough has it been for you, Ms. Kelley, to witness this, to see these in many ways, character assassinations, and negative comments made about your son?"
— Questions to Bill Clinton’s mother Virginia Kelley on the July 16, 1992 Today.

"The woman who started it all. For the past year or so, four words have described Linda Tripp’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky — perhaps those four words are, ‘With friends like these....’ Well, Linda Tripp knows full well that her reputation proceeds her, that many people think of her as the ultimate betrayer, so she’s, in an effort to rehabilitate her image, is speaking out and she’s done so with our national correspondent Jamie Gangel."
— Introducing a story on Tripp on Today, February 12, 1999.

"A lot of people, George, think that this is just kinda creepy, that you’ve done this. They see you as a turncoat, a Linda Tripp type, if you will, who sort of ingratiated himself with the people inside the White House. They made you who you became and now all of a sudden, you’re telling, you’re airing all the dirty laundry, and some people just think that’s sorta gross."
"But aren’t some situations off limits? I mean, you talk very candidly about the President’s relationship with Mrs. Clinton. You had entree to situations that most people wouldn’t. I mean you were sitting there — or standing there — once when the President was in his boxer shorts and Hillary came in and they kissed and you witnessed conversations. I mean, is nothing sacred?"
— First two questions to former Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos, author of All Too Human, March 12, 1999 Today.

"With the exception of the pardon of Marc Rich and some other moves that probably were somewhat questionable, would you concede this morning that it’s gotten to the point where there is a bit of piling on going on here? I mean, it seems to me that he has done some things that other Presidents have done in the past. I mean, you look at other presidential libraries, they are filled with things that those Presidents got during their years at the White House. And yet somehow it’s become a high crime for Bill Clinton to take some of these things with him to put in his presidential library."
— To Chris Matthews and Mike Barnicle, referring to the Clintons’ removal of furniture donated to the White House, not them personally, February 20, 2001 Today.

"Is it disappointing for both you and your husband that his detractors and critics continue to pursue him?"
— To Senator Hillary Clinton on NBC’s Today, November 18, 2004.

Clinton's Impeachment Orchestrated by Self-Righteous Hypocrites

"We’ve been hearing though, in recent days, Pat, [Congressman] Dan Burton say that he fathered a child out of wedlock. Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth say that, even despite the fact she campaigned on family values and won as a result of that campaign, admit that she had an affair with a married man for several years. I mean, are there a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites on Capitol Hill?"
Today co-host Katie Couric to Pat Buchanan, September 14, 1998.

Katie Couric: "Most people in this country, according to the polls, do not believe impeachment hearings should go forward. Are you afraid of a backlash against the GOP?"
Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR): "Well, the greatest concern for a backlash would be that the American people perceive that we’re being unfair, overly partisan in this battle and trying to be vindictive."
Couric: "Don’t you think they perceive that right now?"
— NBC’s Today, October 5, 1998.

Bill Clinton, Ethics Expert

"President Clinton, as you well know, President Bush has been under fire recently because Karl Rove allegedly released the identity of a CIA agent to reporters. President Bush has said it’s a fireable offense now if a crime was committed, but in your view is the ethical violation enough to warrant dismissal?"
— Interviewing former President Bill Clinton on NBC’s Today, July 21, 2005.