Meet the Real Katie Couric

CBS’s New Star Adores Liberals, Scolds Conservatives — And Thinks America Should Be More Like France

Feeling Her Feminism

"We decided to take a look at just how far the women’s movement has come in the past 30 years....Is feminism dead? By the looks of this March in Washington D.C. last April, more than a million strong, it’s alive and well and attracting a whole new following....New people, new energy, new attitudes....[But] while nearly as many women are now in the workforce as men, they are still paid less — about 76 cents for every dollar a man makes, up from 59 cents in the seventies. For poorer women stuck in lower income jobs the gap is even wider....And working mothers still struggle with inadequate, costly child care, and workplaces that are far from family friendly....In a culture that sometimes celebrates women more for their breasts than their brains, it’s important to recognize the doors that have been opened."
Today, February 8, 2005.

Ann Curry: "Today House Democrats are poised to pick Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader. The California Democrat would be the first woman ever elected a party leader in Congress. It is now 7:07 a.m. You are now up to date from the news desk. Let’s now turn back to Matt, Katie and Al."
Katie Couric: "Is it okay to say, ‘You go girl!’?"
Curry: "I think it’s okay. It’s gonna happen in either case."
— NBC’s Today, November 14, 2002.

TextBox2Katie Couric: "Our next guest is best known as Dr. Lilith Crane on NBC’s hit comedy Cheers and Frasier. But in her new film Tadpole she plays a sexy 40 year-old chiropractor who beds a 15 year-old boy....I loved the movie, and it seems very French to me for some reason in its sensibilities....You know, a lot of people, including the Today show, have glommed onto this whole notion of older women, younger men. It’s sort of like, you know, the older woman–"
Actress Bebe Neuwirth: "Not a bad way to go by the way."
Couric: "I was gonna say, ‘The older woman’s revenge,’ finally!"
— NBC’s Today, August 1, 2002.

"Thomas Jefferson was the very first Secretary of State and 62 men followed after him until 1997 and the selection of Madeleine Albright....Madeleine Albright’s new book, Madam Secretary, A Memoir, goes on sale today. Madam Secretary, good morning. Nice to have you....At the time that you were selected to be Secretary of State, there was lots of speculation that might be you, or it might be someone like Senator George Mitchell. And there were published stories at the time that listed you as a second-tier candidate. Do you think that was because you’re a woman?"
— To Madeleine Albright on Today, September 16, 2003.

1997-09-29-NBCTodayCouricKatie Outed As Abortion Activist?

Katie Couric: "So you write about choice meaning what?"

Actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg: "Well because, you know, when you get out there and you march, because we’ve marched together."

Couric, giggling: "Nooo. I’m not allowed to do that."

Goldberg, staring upward: "Oh, no, that’s right. We have not marched together. It was somebody that looked like you. Uh, I forget where I am sometimes."
"You were talking about, want me to remind you? About the pro-choice movement and what pro-choice means to you?"
— Exchange on Today during interview about Goldberg’s new book, September 29, 1997.
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Hell Hath No Fury

"You know you, you angered a lot of feminists when you accused Anita Hill. In fact, you detailed how she changed her testimony during questioning, during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. And you accused of her publicly, quote, ‘Flat out perjury.’ Any regrets?"
— To Senator Arlen Specter, March 6, 2001 Today.

"You talked, Anita, about some of the very supportive letters you’ve gotten, and some of the letters that have touched you. Have you received any hate mail?...They find you offensive, most of all, because you are a black woman?...Twenty years from now, fifty years from now, when people look back at these hearings, how do you want them to think of you?"
— Questions to Anita Hill, October 7, 1992 Today.