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Hardworking Hilary vs. Sexist America

1992-04-02-NBCTodayCouric"Do you think the American people are ready for a First Lady who is that involved at a policy making level in the White House?...Some people say some not so flattering things about you. They say you’re the ‘power behind the throne,’ ‘overly ambitious.’ What’s your reaction to comments such as those?...Do you think those kinds of reactions, Mrs. Clinton, are the result of good, good old-fashioned sexism?"

— Questioning Hillary Clinton on Today, April 2, 1992. (With WMV video clip/MP3 audio) 

"Do you think the American people are not ready for someone who is as accomplished and career-oriented as Hillary Clinton?"
— Interviewing Hillary Clinton on Today, August 24, 1992.

TextBox1"Giving Senator Clinton her due, though we talk about her feminine wiles, she has also won a great deal of respect by working very, very hard, and by not pulling any kind of prima donna act....It’s been quite remarkable. Because she is so disliked and, and the conservative Republicans speak of her in such vitriolic terms, that they’re like putty in her hands up there! I mean many of them said, ‘Oh, my constituents will kill me, but I really like her.’"
— Observation made to Gail Sheehy, discussing a gushing profile of Hillary Clinton that Sheehy wrote for the August issue of Vanity Fair, on NBC’s Today, July 16, 2001.

"Clearly, you felt uncomfortable with the traditional role, or some aspects of the traditional role, alone, of First Lady. But clearly some people didn’t cotton to the notion of a co-presidency.... Were you surprised at the backlash, the really vitriolic, violent backlash against you in many ways? Do you think it was good old-fashioned sexism?"
— To Hillary Clinton on Today, June 10, 2003.