Meet the Real Katie Couric

CBS’s New Star Adores Liberals, Scolds Conservatives — And Thinks America Should Be More Like France

Scolding NRA For Supporting Gun Rights

"Speaking of gun safety and children, Mr. Heston, as you well know, and in fact as everyone in this country knows, there has been a spate of school shootings recently that have been quite disturbing to all Americans. Given the fact that these seem to be happening with greater frequency has it caused you to rethink your philosophy about children and guns and the accessibility of guns for children?"
— Interviewing the NRA’s new President, actor Charlton Heston, June 8, 1998 Today.

1998-06-08-NBCTodayCouricKatie Couric: "Getting back to kids and guns, if you will indulge me for a moment. You cannot think of any other position the NRA could take in terms of trying to decrease the number of school shootings? You feel like this is not your bailiwick, this is not your problem?"

Charlton Heston: "Not at all. As I told you the NRA spends more money, more time..."

Couric, cutting him off: "Other than education."

Heston: "Well, what would you suppose? What would you suggest?"
Couric: "I don’t know, perhaps greater restrictions."
— More from the same interview on the June 8, 1998 Today. (With WMV video clip/MP3 audio)

Activist Anti-Gun Mom Aiding "All of Mankind"

 "With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we wanted to salute the hard work, integrity and love moms show us every day, so this morning we invited three women who have made their own special contribution to motherhood and, as I said earlier, to all of mankind, in fact. Donna Dees-Thomases founded the Million Mom March...Donna, you organized the Million Mom March, and it really was such a grassroots movement of stroller moms, right? Tell me how it came about."
— Introduction and question to activist Donna Dees-Thomases, NBC’s Today, May 11, 2001.