Quotes of Note

May 28, 2004 How Dare Repubs Campaign Against Daschle "The bare-knuckle partisanship that divides Capitol Hill came to this sparsely populated state on Saturday, as Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the Republican leader, took the unusual step of campaigning against his Democratic counterpart, Tom Daschle, on Mr. Daschle's home turf.Democrats in Washington and also independent scholars say that the majority leader is violating an unwritten Senate code not to campaign against another leader." - Sheryl Gay Stolberg on Democrat Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, May 23. The "Inflammatory" Bill Cosby "Bill Cosby, known mostly as a genial father figure who... continue reading
May 21, 2004 Jessica Lynch Gone Bad "It's almost too perfect. Two young working-class women from opposite ends of West Virginia go off to war. One is blond and has aspirations to be a schoolteacher. The other is dark, a smoker, divorced and now carrying an out-of-wedlock baby. One becomes the heroic poster child for Operation Iraqi Freedom, the subject of a hagiographic book and TV movie; the other becomes the hideous, leering face of American wartime criminality, Exhibit A in the indictment of our country's descent into the gulag." - Arts editor Frank Rich, May 16. "Mild-Mannered" Tom Daschle?... continue reading
May 14, 2004 Bye Bye Bangladesh Because of Bush "Should Bangladesh begin to disappear under water, people will recall that the administration refused to act to stem global warming despite a virtual consensus of scientific opinion on the subject." - Magazine contributing writer James Traub, May 9. "Thoughtful" Joe Wilson vs "Ranters" O'Reilly and Hannity "In recent weeks, serious political books have flooded the best-seller lists, replacing the rants from left and right-the Michael Moores or Bill O'Reilly's-with reasoned and supported arguments. During that shift, the television book tour has been more crucial than ever in generating news from these... continue reading
April 23, 2004 U.S. "Might-Makes-Right Rule" In Iraq Reminiscent of Saddam? "The invasion of Falluja has shattered the remaining hope of many of those Iraqis who thought the Americans might be able to free the country from might-makes-right rule, which has shadowed this region from the days of the Ottoman Empire to British colonial rule to Mr. Hussein.Yet [the Iraqis] sense of kinship with Iraqis in Falluja, Najaf and elsewhere runs deeper than any pull toward abstract notions of democracy offered by the Americans-notions that to them appear increasingly hypocritical given the reliance of the occupiers on overwhelming force as... continue reading
April 16, 2004 Where PDB = "Pin Damage on Bush" "Mr. Bush's remarks came after a week in which the president had remained largely out of view, even as violence was escalating in Iraq and as his terrorism policies were being challenged. His comments were part of a White House effort to quell the storm about the briefing he received on Aug. 6, 2001. Democrats and Republicans said on Sunday that the release of the document-combined with images of American bloodshed and the disorder in Iraq-was threatening the central pillar of the president's re-election campaign, his record on managing national... continue reading
April 9, 2004 April Fools Was Last Week, Guys "John Kerry, Fiscal Conservative" - headline of an April 8 editorial Communism: Good for Beggars? "But in the past six months, the number of beggars in Beijing and other Chinese cities has exploded. Their presence is another reminder of the growing divide between rich and poor in China as it rapidly switches to a market economy." - Jim Yardley, April 7. John Kerry, Fiscal Conservative "Together, the two speeches-and Mr. Kerry's long record of voting in favor of deficit-control packages-place him in the mainstream of Democratic Party orthodoxy and align him... continue reading
April 2, 2004 John Kerry, Free Market Worshiper "...the fixes that Mr. Kerry and his core economic advisers are beginning to offer are clearly rooted in Clinton economics, which is resolutely centrist. Fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction, hallmarks of the Clinton years, are bedrock orthodoxy in the Kerry camp, too. So is faith in the private sector's powers to generate prosperity. Job creation will come from corporate America, not government, once the right incentives and subsidies are in place, the war room says. In fact, the Clinton-era god of deficit reduction and private-sector supremacy is also worshiped in the Kerry... continue reading
March 26, 2004 Cheering On Richard Clarke "'Clarke's own words contributed to the end of his credibility with people,' said Terry Holt, Mr. Bush's campaign spokesman. But Democrats and some Republicans not associated with the campaign questioned that assessment. They described Mr. Clarke's appearance before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States as compelling and said that Mr. Bush's campaign, which had already been criticized by some families of victims for using footage of World Trade Center destruction in its campaign advertisements, would have to deal with the emotional show of support by victims of Mr. Clarke... continue reading
March 12, 2004 "Fierce," Attacking Bush vs. Clever Kerry "With a fierce campaign of attacks led by President Bush, an orchestrated barrage of criticism by Republican elected officials and an imminent sweep of hard-hitting television advertisements, the White House is moving with unusual speed and force to try to discredit John Kerry, the president's likely Democratic challenger.As much as Mr. Bush appears to be enjoying going on the attack, he will stop soon, aides said, and leave the whacking and attacking to surrogates and his television advertisements." - Adam Nagourney, March 10. "As he scooped up scores more delegates in... continue reading
March 5, 2004 Hailing the Conquering Kerry "In war and politics, Mr. Kerry has proved himself in past battles and he professed to be ready for the fray." - Todd Purdum after John Kerry's near-sweep on Super Tuesday, March 3. Anti-Cleland Conspiracies and False "Juxtapositions" "Rob Behler isn't saying Max Cleland's Senate seat was stolen by rigged electronic voting machines, but he insists it could have been. Mr. Behler, who helped prepare Georgia's machines for the 2002 election, says secret computer codes were installed late in the process. Votes 'could have been manipulated,' he says, and the election thrown to... continue reading