Quotes of Note

August 6, 2004 "Is the New York Times a Liberal Newspaper? Of course it is." - NYT Public Editor Daniel Okrent, July 25, 2004. "Terror Alerts" Have Happened When Bush "Would Have Benefited" "Some of the past terror alerts have seemed aimless and happened when the Bush administration would have benefited from a change in the political conversation." - August 5 editorial on the latest terror warnings. Bush Using Intelligence for Political Gain? "it's unfortunate that it is necessary to fight suspicions of political timing, suspicions the administration has sown by misleading the public on security. The Times reports today... continue reading
July 30, 2004 "Is the New York Times a Liberal Newspaper? Of course it is." - NYT Public Editor Daniel Okrent, July 25, 2004. Hussein's Downfall "Disillusioning" for Iraqi Artists? "The war in Iraq has been especially disillusioning for young Iraqi artists, many of whom believed the American promises of freedom. As the old order fell, they sat in their cracked-window studios and at paint-splattered easels and dreamed of an Iraqi renaissance. They dream still. At the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts, which Mr. Abbas attends, the school play last semester explored the humiliation of the American occupation and began... continue reading
July 23, 2004 William F. Buckley Guilty of "Offensive Comments," Al Sharpton Not? "You have made so many offensive comments over the years. Do you regret any of them?" "You seem indifferent to suffering. Have you ever suffered yourself?" - Two of Deborah Solomon's questions to retiring National Review founder William F. Buckley, July 11. vs "I wonder how you feel about Bill Cosby's recent comment that too many African-Americans speak ungrammatical English and fail to rear their children properly. Does that strike you as racist?" - A Deborah Solomon question to race-baiter Al Sharpton (who once called the owner... continue reading
July 16, 2004 Anti-Bush Anecdote a Real Turkey "There are also the manufactured surprises, like Mr. Bush's cloak-and-dagger Thanksgiving trip to Baghdad, which drew praise even from Democrats. (The public relations bonanza fizzled after the press reported that Mr. Bush had posed with a mouth-watering-but fake-turkey.)" - Washington editor Richard Berke, July 4. Reality Check: "An article last Sunday about surprises in politics referred incorrectly to the turkey carried by President Bush during his unannounced visit to American troops in Baghdad over Thanksgiving. It was real, not fake." - Correction box, July 11. More Bad News from Iraq "There is... continue reading
July 2, 2004 "Everyone Lives in Fear" Now That Hussein's Gone "Even though the last years of Saddam Hussein's rule had brought new restrictions on women's freedoms, the simultaneous collapse of the police state that had kept public order and the new leeway for religious clerics to demand stricter compliance with Islamic law have increasingly narrowed girls' lives.For months, Mariam said, her parents have kept her under strict lock-down at home. She has read all the teen magazines she can stand, seen movie after movie. She has grown bored and glum. She has lost weight. Once she would stay out... continue reading
June 25, 2004 Calling Bush Into Question for Claiming Iraq-Al Qaeda Ties "For most of 2002, President Bush argued that a commission created to look into the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks would only distract from the post-Sept. 11 war on terrorism. Now, in 17 preliminary staff reports, that panel has called into question nearly every aspect of the administration's response to terror, including the idea that Iraq and Al Qaeda were somehow the same foe. Far from a bolt from the blue, the commission has demonstrated over the last 19 months that the Sept. 11 attacks were foreseen, at least... continue reading
June 18, 2004 Apologize to the American People, Mr. President "Now President Bush should apologize to the American people, who were led to believe something different. Of all the ways Mr. Bush persuaded Americans to back the invasion of Iraq last year, the most plainly dishonest was his effort to link his war of choice with the battle against terrorists worldwide." - The Times June 17 editorial, after the release of the interim reports from the 9-11 Commission. Bush "Sharply Contradicted" on Iraq-Al Qaeda Ties "The staff of the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks sharply contradicted one of President... continue reading
June 11, 2004 What Reagan "Cutbacks" Is He Talking About? "Much of the country, including most of those who are physically, economically or otherwise disadvantaged, deeply resented and still resent [Ronald Reagan's] insistence that government is the problem, not the solution. Severe and continuing cutbacks in government services to the poor and vulnerable resulted, and the gulf dividing rich from poor widened." - R.W. Apple on Ronald Reagan, June 11. Ask Lech Walesa about Reagan's Commitment to Human Rights Abroad "Many missed Mr. Carter's burning commitment to civil rights and liberties at home and human rights abroad. African-Americans and trade... continue reading
June 4, 2004 Speaking of Abu Ghraib "The speech, which made no mention of the abuse of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, drew polite applause" - Marc Santora on Donald Rumsfeld's commencement speech at West Point, May 30. "Lieutenant Childers died too soon to see the strife in Iraq today, or the photographs of prisoners being humiliated at the hands of American guards in the Abu Ghraib prison. 'He went in with the idea-not of occupation, it was totally, it was liberation,' [his father] said." - Shaila Dawan, June 1. News Story or anti-NAFTA Editorial? "Many of... continue reading
January 9, 2004 Balanced Campaign Coverage? Times Batting 0-for-'04 Democratic candidates: "Clark and Kerry Offering Plans to Help Middle Class....Gearing proposals to appeal to everyday Americans." Republican candidate: "Bush Pushes Education as Election Year Opens....Defending Programs that Democrats say he underfinanced." - Contrasting page A19 headlines and teasers, January 6. Extraordinary Kindness Toward a Taliban Stooge "About halfway through her set [rocker Patti Smith] said, 'Happy New Year to John Walker Lindh, who is hopefully doing great studies and great meditations in government prison.' Coming from another performer this message might have sounded tendentious or even self-serving, but Ms. Smith... continue reading