Quotes of Note

November 5, 2004 Special Election Edition Just Call Him "Carnac" Krugman "If the election were held today and the votes were counted fairly, Senator John Kerry would probably win. But the votes won't be counted fairly, and the disenfranchisement of minority voters may determine the outcome.Electoral College projections based on state polls also show a dead heat. Projections assuming that undecided voters will break for the challenger in typical proportions give Mr. Kerry more than 300 electoral votes." - Paul Krugman, October 22. A Curtain Call for Tom Daschle, "A Man of Decency" "The soft-spoken leader has often been described... continue reading
October 29, 2004 Baffling Bumiller on Bush's "Bulge" "The bulge - the strange rectangular box visible between the president's shoulder blades in the first debate - has set off so much frenzied speculation on the Internet that it has become what literary critics call an objective correlative, or an object that evokes large emotions and ideasThe bulge is in many ways related to the bubble, which is the word Mr. Bush himself uses to describe the isolation of the presidency. In this case, Mr. Bush's critics argue that he has so walled himself off from dissent in his bubble that... continue reading
October 15, 2004 The "Radical Right" vs. Michael Moore "Also on the ReganBooks list are both 'Stupid White Men' by Michael Moore, the arch-nemesis of the radical right, and 'Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man,' by David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke, a less-than-flattering account of Mr. Moore." - From Edward Wyatt's October 13 profile of ReganBooks, an imprint of the Rupert Murdoch-owned Harper Collins. The left-wing filmmaker Moore was not labeled. "Bullying" Bush? "It is a characterization of Mr. Bush's foreign policy style often heard around the world: bullying, unreceptive, brazen. The result, critics of this... continue reading
October 8, 2004 Bush Fudges Facts on Trail "But the scathing indictment that Mr. Bush offered of Mr. Kerry over the past two days - on the eve of the second presidential debate and with polls showing the race tightening - took these attacks to a blistering new level. In the process, several analysts say, Mr. Bush pushed the limits of subjective interpretation and offered exaggerated or what some Democrats said were distorted accounts of Mr. Kerry's positions on health care, tax cuts, the Iraq war and foreign policy. But other analysts, including some Republicans, said Mr. Bush was repeatedly... continue reading
October 1, 2004 Anti-Kerry "Calumnies" from Swift Boat Vets "The first section, about his actions in combat, presents a belated rebuttal to the calumnies of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (whose leader, John O'Neill, turns up in some old clips from 'The Dick Cavett Show')." - Movie reviewer A.O. Scott, October 1. Must-See TV: "Everybody Hates Women"? "Television executives have giddily reverted to the sexism and racism that brought the humor police down on the networks in the first place.Even the presidential debates are such a throwback to the Eisenhower era that the networks might as well broadcast them... continue reading
September 17, 2004 Kitty Kelley's "Thoroughly Researched Piece of Work" "More than 600 pages long, the Bush book is in many ways a thoroughly researched piece of work. Ms. Kelley clearly devoured and digested the extant literature on the family, and she recounts its history in a narrative that is largely unremarkable." - Frank Bruni in a profile of trash biographer Kitty Kelley, September 16. Huh? "Memos on Bush Are Fake But Accurate, Typist Says" - Headline to September 15 story on CBS's discredited Bush "memos." Why Should Kerry Have to Denounce MoveOn.org? "Bush campaign officials immediately sought to paint... continue reading
September 10, 2004 Special Post-Convention Edition NYT Uses Media-Mangled Cheney Quote to Attack VP "Mr. Cheney did not repeat the explosive accusation he made on Tuesday in Des Moines that the nation was more likely to 'get hit again' by terrorists if Mr. Kerry was elected president." - White House reporter Elisabeth Bumiller, September 10. "Vice President Dick Cheney's assertion that the nation was more likely to 'get hit again' by terrorists if John Kerry was elected was one of the toughest attacks launched in a presidential election in 40 years. But Mr. Cheney's latest assault on Mr. Kerry, which... continue reading
August 27, 2004 The NYT 's New Favorite Word: "Unsubstantiated" "Mr. Bush did not hesitate when asked about the central charge issued by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the veterans' group that has leveled unsubstantiated attacks against Mr. Kerry's record in Vietnam." - From David Sanger and Elisabeth Bumiller's interview of the president, August 27. "The national counsel for President Bush's re-election campaign resigned on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he acknowledged that he had provided legal advice to a veterans group that has leveled unsubstantiated attacks on Senator John Kerry's Vietnam War record in a book and... continue reading
January 16, 2004 "Soft Spoken, Gentle" Daschle Accused Rush Listeners of Threats "With his soft-spoken, almost gentle manner, Mr. Daschle is the rare politician who can go on the attack without seeming snappish; one word often used to describe him is 'decent.'" - Sheryl Gay Stolberg, January 11. Reality Check: "What happens when [Rush] Limbaugh attacks those of us in public life is that people arent satisfied just to listen. They want to act because they get emotionally invested, and so the threats to those of us in public life go up dramatically on us and our families in a... continue reading
August 13, 2004 "Is the New York Times a Liberal Newspaper? Of course it is." - NYT Public Editor Daniel Okrent, July 25, 2004. Paul Krugman: Confessions of Bush-Hater "The fundamental fact of American politics-and Ive sharpened my view on this since last year and the hardcover edition of the book-is that weve got an alliance between the religious right and the accumulators of great wealth. Those are the people who are running things....As for Tom DeLay, he is a fanatically religious person because thats who he is, and hes a fanatical supporter of the interests of the money, because... continue reading