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Alexandria, VA- Culture and Media Institute Director Bob Knight has issued the following statement regarding Dr. D. James Kennedys passing. The CMI staff mourns the passing of D. James Kennedy and extends condolences to his family. He was one of Americas most courageous champions of traditional values in the face of a hostile media culture. He consistently challenged America to live up to her moral ideals, and never backed down or compromised his beliefs. Dr. Kennedy was truly a great defender of personal responsibility. T o schedule an interview with MRC President Bozell or an MRC spokesperson, please contact Tim... continue reading
Alexandria, VA All three broadcast network morning shows are dramatically tilting their presidential campaign coverage in favor of the Democrats, a new study from the Media Research Center has documented. MRCs analysts found the morning shows are offering nearly twice as much coverage of the Democrats, are three times more likely to have a Democratic candidate appear as an on-air guest, and are confronting both parties with an overwhelmingly liberal agenda. The MRC report, Rise and Shine on Democrats , reviewed all 517 campaign segments on ABCs Good Morning America , CBSs The Early Show and NBCs Today from January... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA In light of the announcement that Atlanta Falcon superstar Michael Vick will plead guilty to operating a dog fighting ring, the Media Research Centers Culture and Media Institute calls upon the NFL to ban Vick permanently from professional football as broadcasting him as a role model to millions of impressionable young people on national television is unacceptable: Michael Vick has overstepped the bounds of human civility, said L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center. Vick is no longer fit to serve as a role model for the millions of children who look up to and... continue reading
Alexandria, VA The debut on Friday of High School Musical 2 attracted 17.24 million viewers, shattering cable viewing records and proving beyond doubt that there is a demand for wholesome family entertainment. By contrast, the premiere airing of the much-hyped The Sopranos series finale on pay cable pulled in only 11.9 million viewers. The previous basic cable record was set in 2006 with ESPNs debut of Monday Night Football, which garnered 16 million viewers. Hollywood likes to tell us there isnt a market for family-friendly television shows, said L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center. Those smut... continue reading
On the same day that disgraced shock jock Don Imus reached a settlement on his $120 million breach of contract lawsuit against CBS, Kia Vaughn, the center of the Rutgers womens basketball team, muscled in to grab a piece of the pie. Her timing seems less than coincidental. Vaughn filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages over Imus joke on April 4 describing the team as nappy headed hos. The remark led to an apology by Imus, widespread criticism, protests against CBS, and Imus suspension and eventual firing. Vaughn is suing MSNBC, NBC Universal, CBS Radio, CBS Corp., Viacom Inc. and... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA Journalists, politicians and pundits repeatedly claim approximately 47 million Americans lack health insurance. And they are wrong each time, according to a new report from the Business & Media Institute. The entire debate about health insurance has relied on the number as proof that the U.S. health care system is failing. News stories, including those by ABCs medical expert Tim Johnson and CBS Evening News correspondent Katie Couric, have hyped the number of uninsured Americans, often claiming it has reached 43-47 million. The claim has even gone as high as nearly 50 million Americans without health insurance, according... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA This coming Saturday, July 7, NBC Universal will devote a record 75 hours of coverage to Al Gores Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis, to raise awareness about the alleged global warming crisis as defined by Gore. The coverage will air on seven NBC Universal-owned programs, and Today news anchor Ann Curry will host coverage during NBCs primetime. The 75 hours of coverage constitutes unprecedented promotion of one side of a political issue, and the largest in-kind contribution to Al Gore should he decide to run for President in 2008. Although undeclared, Gore ranks No... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA -- Some leading national media are misreporting conservative Ann Coulters remarks about liberal Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards, including the NBC Nightly News , CNNs American Morning , The Washington Posts Reliable Source , and MSNBCs on-the-hour announcer. This is cut-and-paste reporting and it is disingenuous. In reference to this shoddy journalism, MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement: When I first heard the sound-bite of Ann Coulters remarks calling for the assassination of John Edwards, I was appalled. Then I read the entire quote, and was doubly appalledat the media themselves. I have never seen a... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA -- Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, has called on Americans to stop conservative Ann Coulters hate words. But when that campaign hired two hateful, anti-Christian bigots as official bloggers, Mrs. Edwards did not object and the campaign decided to give them a fair shake, as John Edwards said. The bloggers resigned in February only after their bigoted writings were exposed by other bloggers and conservative talk radio, causing a huge embarrassment. ABC, CBS, and NBC interviewed Elizabeth Edwards this morning to allow her to further complain about Coulters hate words, but none mentioned the... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA -- Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, arranged a call-in Tuesday to MSNBCs Hardball , hosted by Chris Matthews, and criticized conservative author Ann Coulter for peddling hatefulness and ugliness and repeatedly asked Coulter to stop the personal attacks. Today, on her husbands blog, Mrs. Edwards calls on people to help stop Coulters hate words, the words of bigotry and division, to help drum out the hate-mongers from amongst us. In response to Mrs. Edwards comments, MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement: Elizabeth Edwards should look close to home when it comes to... continue reading