Discovery Channel Blows Its Top and Its Credibility Network focused on devastating impact of true story of Yellowstone volcano that just hasnt happened yet By Dan Gainor April 11 , 2005 A new climate change fantasy erupted onto TV screens nationwide Sunday night. The TV show Supervolcano, a combined effort of the Discovery Channel and the BBC, delivered the latest environmental disaster theory a massive eruption in Yellowstone National Park. In the program, that eruption threw incredible amounts of ash and dirt into the atmosphere and caused a rapid drop in global temperatures of as much as 20 degrees. Had... continue reading
Networks Hound Burger King for Launching Enormous Sandwich ABC and NBC shake their collective finger at the naughty peddlers of the new Omelet Sandwich. By Amy Menefee April 1 , 2005 Its been a rough week on TV for Burger King. The Kings chief concept officer, Denny Marie Post, appeared on morning shows and nightly newscasts several times explaining the simple idea of marketing a new product to a target audience. But when that product is the 730-calorie Enormous Omelet Sandwich, its fair game for those who would protect Americans from themselves. Peter Jennings, on March 28s World News Tonight,... continue reading
CBS Evening News Wakes Up to Find Non-profit Gets Funding Report criticizes National Sleep Foundation for drug industry financing, but ignores backing for Public Citizen, as well as its own advertisements. By Dan Gainor March 30, 2005 CBC Evening News employed an obvious double standard in its coverage of a new study indicating Americans arent getting enough sleep. Rather than simply focus on the study, reporter Sharyl Attkisson attacked the group that did the research because it gets funding from the sleep industry. According to Attkisson, the issue was Whether America's sleepiness is a real epidemic or just a pipe... continue reading
CNNs Global Warming Special Typifies Liberal Bias of Climate Coverage By Dan Gainor and Amy Menefee March 28, 2005 Its the end of the world as we know it at least thats what CNN Presents and reporter Miles OBrien would have us believe. CNN unveiled an hour-long, one-sided report detailing the global warming terror that could mean a ruined world. On Sunday night, March 27, OBriens Melting Point: Tracking the Global Warming Threat cited almost every one of the left-wing environmental movements hot buttons about climate change: claiming its already a fact; preaching an apocalyptic threat; blaming mankind for temperature... continue reading
Apples and Oranges: Media Wrongly Equate Galveston Pension Plan with Bushs Social Security Reform By Amy Menefee March 25, 2005 A flurry of media coverage beginning on March 18 put Galveston, Texas, back into the Social Security spotlight. Its one of three Texas counties that have gained attention because they opted out of Social Security in the early 1980s, when it was still legal to do so. The New York Times, The Washington Post and ABC News warned Americans last week that the counties pension alternative to Social Security was a telling laboratory for testing President George W. Bushs reform... continue reading
ABC Manufactures Anti-Cookie, Anti-Free Market Story By Amy Menefee March 21, 2005 News flash from ABC: Cookies are not health food, anonymous sources say. Peter Jennings said on March 18s World News Tonight that someone made a connection between Girl Scout cookie sales and obesity. Someone raised an issue we hadnt thought of before, Jennings said. Acting on this news tip, we asked our medical correspondent, John McKenzie, for his take on this, he said. What followed was a series of interviews titled Cookie Controversy with anti-junk-food spokespeople and a doctor saying that cookies are unhealthy, leading to the conclusion... continue reading
TIME Embraces Bad Economics That Blame America for World Poverty By Amy Menefee March 16, 2005 TIME Magazines March 14 issue devoted its cover and 11 pages to an economist who says the United States owes the world big time to fight world poverty. The magazine offered no opposing argument to spending billions of additional tax dollars. Those 11 pages are an excerpt from economist Jeffrey Sachs new book, The End of Poverty , in which he indicts the United States for supposedly lagging behind other countries in aid for the poor. He works from the assumption that billions of... continue reading
ABC Uses Old Interview for One-Sided Trade Story By Amy Menefee March 15, 2005 ABCs World News Tonight offered up a painfully one-sided view of U.S. trade in its March 11 broadcast. Citing recently released numbers on the trade deficit, Peter Jennings lamented that The U.S. imported $58.3 billion more in goods than it exported, adding in a dire tone that A trade gap at record levels has consequences. But apparently there is only one consequence, according to ABC. Reporter Betsy Stark presented one undisputed claim that American manufacturing is all-but-dead. This tragic picture was illustrated by manufacturing worker Delores... continue reading
Media Continue to Attack Drug Companies with Misinformation By Amy Menefee March 9, 2005 Your mother might have told you that if you say something enough times, youll start to believe its true. And while thats fine if youre trying to build a little-engine-that-could mentality in a six-year-old, its not okay for grown-ups trying to do journalism. No, grown-ups need facts, and those facts are often backed up by numbers. Thats where things can get dicey. Reporters shouldnt take numbers from any side in a debate without checking them out. But if you decide something is true and keep repeating... continue reading
'60 Minutes Describes Video Game as a Killer Application By Dan Gainor March 9, 2005 First, video games were linked to childhood obesity because teens sat around playing the games instead of exercising. Now, CBSs 60 Minutes is linking them to something far more destructive murder while ignoring obvious points that make the claim look ridiculous. The Sunday, March 6, 2005, broadcast of CBSs news magazine showed Co-editor Ed Bradley reporting on a lawsuit about the enormously popular video game Grand Theft Auto. The suit claimed the video game was responsible for deaths of three police officers in Fayette, Ala... continue reading