WSJ Attacks Exxon for Not Losing Money on New Energy Sources Article looks down on free market success and leaves out scientists on the other side of the global warming debate. By Amy Menefee June 14 , 2005 When The Wall Street Journal isnt happy with profitable business practices, something is amiss. Jeffrey Balls front-page article on June 14, 2005, took ExxonMobil Corp. to task for putting money into cleaning up fossil fuel energy rather than investing in alternative sources such as wind power. Ball highlighted Exxons competitors, BP and Royal Dutch/Shell, saying that they accept a growing scientific consensus... continue reading
USA Today Decides Climate Debate Over The nations newspaper disregards scientific criticisms of global warming theory and doesnt include any scientific opposition in its one-sided cover story. By Dan Gainor June 13, 2005 The global warming debate is over just ask the people at USA Today. The nations colorful daily led its front page with a one-sided climate change story June 13, 2005, declaring the end of the argument and failing to include any scientific voices to the contrary. The article, written by Dan Vergano, follows a trend in news coverage documented by the Business & Media Institute in the... continue reading
Is Greenspan Wary of Housing Problems? Even the major media have trouble agreeing just what the Fed Chairman said. By Dan Gainor June 10, 2005 Its easy to see why advanced economics confuses some people, especially when even the media dont agree on whats going on. Every time Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan has spoken in public, he has created more evidence of this problem. Greenspans June 9, 2005, testimony before the Joint Economic Committee of Congress resulted in typically mixed messages except on Wall Street, where the Dow Jones industrials rose 26.16 points to close at 10,503.02. In Washington, both... continue reading
Networks Not Lovin McDonalds Efforts New commercial with a healthy focus draws fire from morning shows. By Amy Menefee June 9, 2005 McDonalds took another hit from network mornings shows on June 9, 2005. All three networks NBC, CBS and ABC attacked a new commercial and one even blamed the restaurant for childhood obesity. On CBSs The Early Show, Hannah Storm interviewed advertising critic Barbara Lippert, who declared that McDonalds is the new tobacco and blamed the burger chain for obesity. They see that theyve engendered this problem, theyve really created this way of eating, and now theyre trying to... continue reading
For London Socialist, Taxes are the Answer AP omits Red from Livingstones resume in coverage of his worldwide tax proposal. by Todd Drenth June 7, 2005 Journalists customarily identify officials by their political parties because it gives context for their statements and actions. But the Associated Press omitted this vital information in its recent coverage of socialist London Mayor Ken Livingstones suggestion of a worldwide tax on drivers. On June 5, 2005, the Miami Herald and The Washington Post ran an Associated Press article by Terence Chea that described the congestion tax recommended by Livingstone at the June 3 U.N... continue reading
FX Looks Left to Peak at Oil Energy apocalypse is one big worst-case scenario By Dan Gainor June 6, 2005 It probably will be viewed as the worst disaster on American soil, ever. No, thats not a review of the new FX Networks movie, Oil Storm, though it could be. Instead, its a comment from one of the characters in the film about the seemingly endless stream of worst-case scenarios the film ties together to create an energy cataclysm in 2005 and 2006. The movie had its initial airing Sunday, June 5, 2005, in back-to-back broadcasts. The film was designed... continue reading
ABC Helps Officials Beef About Their Own Statistics World News Tonight weighs in on the side of the Centers for Disease Control about obesity. By Dan Gainor June 3, 2005 The heavy debate over the recent lower estimates of deaths caused by obesity continued in the media following a press conference by the Centers for Disease Control. ABCs World News Tonight undermined CDC critics in its June 2, 2005 story. Anchor Elizabeth Vargas opened by stating the government position as fact: Being overweight is extremely bad for your health no matter what the new numbers say. Both sides of the... continue reading
Media Neglect Support for Personal Accounts Why are the media ignoring 450 economists in favor of personal accounts, including 5 Nobel Prize winners? by Todd Drenth June 2, 2005 One of the biggest problems with media coverage of Social Security reform is what isnt included in those stories. On May 11, 2005, the Cato Institute released an advertisement featuring the names of 450 economists, including five Nobel laureates, on a petition supporting personal retirement accounts as part of Social Security reform. However, the major television networks and the nations prominent newspapers largely failed to report on the economists support for... continue reading
Network Doomsday Warnings Run Out of Gas Gasoline prices actually fell during the week leading up to Memorial Day, but broadcasters reminded drivers of record highs. By Amy Menefee June 1, 2005 Memorial Day weekend brought the usual slew of news reports about driving, and network reporters seemed stumped that drivers would keep driving despite the price of gas. What they didnt point out was that gas prices actually declined going into the holiday weekend. Rewind to April 10, 2005, when CBSs Trish Regan made a dire prediction on the Evening News: that the national average on a gallon of... continue reading
Article Treats Wal-Mart Critics as Labor Experts Post promotes the union side in the battle against Southern retailing giant. By Dan Gainor May 31, 2005 If you want to look for the union label, you need only turn to the front page of The Washington Post business section. The May 31, 2005 issue of the Post relied almost exclusively on pro-union and anti-Wal-Mart voices for a one-sided story about battling the retail giant. The 1,400-word Post article, headlined Logging On With A New Campaign, was written by Amy Joyce. It focused on yet another new campaign against Wal-Mart this one... continue reading