Logo Shows Freedom is Foundation for a Free Market By Dan Gainor June 27, 2005 A logo is a lot more than just a piece of art that represents an organization. Its a statement of what an organization is and what it stands for. Many organizations and businesses embrace symbolic representations of letters or names an idea that dates to time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The golden arches of the McDonalds logo are typical of this logo type and one of the most recognizable icons in the world. Representing a concept is much more challenging and that was... continue reading
Tax & Spin Five Ways the Media Distort Tax Issues PDF Version June 26, 2005 Reporters often get it wrong when covering taxes and the economy. Their economic errors go uncorrected, leaving the audience with a slanted perception of taxation and government. With the assistance of the National Taxpayers Union, the Media Research Centers Business & Media Institute has compiled five mistakes journalists commonly make along with suggestions for more accurate coverage. 1) RICH & POOR: Reporters often talk about tax cuts for the wealthy and look only at the gross amount of taxes paid instead of the percentage of... continue reading
A Million-Year El Nio? New York Times Selective in Article on Climate Studies by Megan Alvarez June 26, 2005 In a Friday, June 24, 2005, article entitled Researchers Say Ocean Evidence Points to a Million-Year El Nio by Kenneth Chang, the Times reported on two conflicting studies about global warming, but only one of them was deemed worthy enough for the headline and two-thirds of the article. The article began, The last time the earth was warm the waters of the Pacific Ocean may have been stuck in an El Nio pattern that lasted more than a million years, making... continue reading
ABCs Mercury Straw Man World News Tonight gives exposure to environmental group, even as story discredits Robert Kennedys claims. by Megan Alvarez June 23, 2005 ABC devoted a four-minute segment of the June 22, 2005, World News Tonight to a story they would later report was completely untrue. The story featured environmentalist Robert Kennedy, Jr., claiming that mercury in childrens vaccines causes autism only ABC told its audience minutes later that the claim was unsubstantiated. The segment opened with what Charles Gibson called a controversy on the mind of all parents. The controversy that Gibson was alluding to was a... continue reading
ABC Reports: Breakfast is Controversial New ads for kids cereals are the latest target in the anti-free market obesity war. by Todd Drenth June 23, 2005 General Mills new marketing campaign received a reality check on ABCs World News Tonight on June 22, 2005. ABC closed its newscast with a story on controversial ads that encourage kids to eat breakfast. Reporter Lisa Stark began the story saying that the ads are simply ads promoting breakfast, but also commented that the ads are aimed at children and the ad campaign comes in the midst of a huge debate over childhood obesity... continue reading
CNNs Henry Misrepresents Personal Accounts Polls Claims public doesnt support private accounts, but facts show otherwise. By Dan Gainor June 22 , 2005 Even as President Bush endorsed a new Social Security plan that didnt focus on personal accounts, poor coverage of the reform issue continued. This time, it was CNNs Ed Henry claiming that people dont support personal accounts even though that isnt the case. According to Henry, on the June 21, 2005, Inside Politics, We see polls across the board saying that the public by and large doesnt support private accounts. Henry didnt cite any of the polls... continue reading
Times Brings Balance to Outsourcing Coverage The insourcing side of the story shows how imported auto industry plants bring 60,000 jobs to U.S. by Megan Alvarez June 22 , 2005 The New York Times is not known for their balanced news coverage of American business, but thats exactly what they delivered with their June 22, 2005, story on the auto industry. Reporter Micheline Maynard detailed the often-overlooked story of how the U.S is attracting jobs from overseas. Foreign automakers are adding jobs in the United States at a rapid pace. Instead of delivering another story about outsourcing of jobs from... continue reading
$7 Billion, But Whos Counting? Media harp on PBS political controversy but ignore massive government funding of public broadcasting. by Amy Menefee June 22 , 2005 PBS advocate Bill Moyers is against subsidies when they go to the wrong people. But the public broadcasting that airs the show he once hosted rides a $7 billion-plus wave of government funding a fact that media outlets have omitted in recent coverage of budget wrangling. Favored corporations get their contracts, subsidies and offshore loopholes, Moyers said in a political rant on Now, a weekly newsmagazine, on March 26, 2004. The Corporation for Public... continue reading
30 Days of Supersized Guilt Morgan Spurlock shows how difficult it is to pretend to be poor. By Dan Gainor June 16 , 2005 The new Morgan Spurlock documentary 30 Days highlighted the fantasy of reality TV as Spurlock and his fianc pretended to live life on minimum wage surrounded by cameras. Instead of teaching important lessons about saving, personal responsibility and the value of education, Spurlock relied on emotion to try to convince viewers the minimum was too low. The June 15, 2005, program tried to duplicate the success of Spurlocks Oscar-nominated attack on McDonalds Super Size Me, where... continue reading
Social Security Debate: What to do about it? Free market defenders fight for ownership, while reform opponents want to increase biggest government program ever. By Dan Gainor June 16 , 2005 NEW YORK For an issue that many in the media are calling dead, the June 14, 2005, Social Security debate at City University of New York was quite lively. Supporters of reform warned of a situation ready to implode and called for ownership while opponents defended Social Security as the most successful program in the nations history. The event brought together leading supporters and opponents of reform to discuss... continue reading