Its Only Rock N Roll Live 8 performers dont tell the whole story about African problems. by Todd Drenth July 5, 2005 The old saying goes: the road to hell is paved with Good Intentions. Roads are certainly one of the many things Africa needs, but the Live 8 concerts had little to do with such practical solutions. On Saturday July 2, 2005, more than 150 bands took to the stage in nine cities on four different continents to raise awareness about the problem of poverty that persist in Africa. The concerts featured some of musics biggest stars such as... continue reading
Post Slants Tax Cut Story Paper begrudgingly admits economic growth but warns of scary deficits. by Amy Menefee July 5, 2005 Reducing the deficit is an idea most politicians and journalists can get behind except when it means tax cuts might be working. On July 2, 2005, The Washington Posts Jonathan Weisman managed to turn a deficit reduction story into a warning about high deficits. The news of the day was an unanticipated surge of tax payments may push the 2005 federal budget deficit as much as $100 billion below official forecasts. Weisman cited the 3.8 percent growth rate for... continue reading
Confidence Game ABC Skips 3-Year High in Consumer Confidence But Reports Heavily on Negative Number PDF Version By Dan Gainor Director, Business & Media Institute Megan Alvarez July 1, 2005 Consumers are confident that the economy is doing well, better than any time in three years, but ABC and NBC didnt think enough of that June 28, 2005, news to even report it. For ABC, this is part of an ongoing trend of focusing on negative economic news. In the three years covered by the latest consumer confidence report, ABC has covered negative numbers twice as often as positive. ABC... continue reading
CBS, NBC Ignore Fact That Drug Importation Is Illegal Networks fail to explain the facts behind idea for getting prescriptions from Canada. by Todd Drenth June 30, 2005 CBS and NBC continue to report that drug importation may be a quick fix for high domestic prescription drug costs while ignoring that it is illegal and largely neglecting potential consequences. Canada Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh announced Wednesday June 29, 2005 that Canada cannot be the drugstore for the United States and that Canada would begin legislative efforts to limit exportation of prescription drugs from Canada to the United States. The announcement... continue reading
Animal Rights Group Lawsuit Milks Media Coverage Associated Press ignores groups anti-food industry bias and calls them physicians committee. by Todd Drenth June 29, 2005 The latest lawsuit by a perennial opponent of the food industry has already had some of its desired impact good media coverage. A June 28, 2005, Associated Press article left out several facts and skewed the story to benefit the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Only five percent of the members of the group are actually doctors, a key fact left out by the AP story, but included in a June 29, 2005, Washington... continue reading
Global Warming Coverage: Science Left Behind In the race for emissions regulation, journalists are in the lead. By Amy Menefee June 29, 2005 CNN and USA Today have already declared the global warming debate over, and theyre not alone. Media coverage leading up to the G-8 Summit, beginning July 6, has been based on the assumptions that human-caused global warming is occurring and it must be curbed. The Group of Eight major economic powers meets annually to discuss global issues and map out plans for the year. The United Kingdom took the rotating presidency of the G8 in January 2005,... continue reading
CBS Continues Coverage of Alleged Viagra Link to Blindness Ongoing story downplays FDA disagreement and shows networks one-sided approach to rare risk. by Todd Drenth June 28, 2005 CBS continued to report on an alleged link between Viagra and blindness that even the FDA cant find. The danger may be even broader than previously known, said CBS anchor Bob Schieffer leading into the June 27, 2005, story. CBS Evening News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson followed with a CBS News investigation finds more potential links between Viagra and all kinds of blindness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is looking into... continue reading
CBS News Botches Simple Math Interest rate on student loans will go up, but not double, on July 1. by Todd Drenth June 27, 2005 The CBS Evening News added hype to the July 1 interest rate hike for student loans on its June 26, 2005, broadcast. Trish Regan reported that 2005 graduates and current students will experience sticker shock when they see the interest on their debt nearly double, from 2.9 percent to 4.8 percent. The increase wont amount to doubling, however. Rising from 2.9 percent to 4.8 percent is a 66 percent increase. For the rate to double,... continue reading
Times Does Cover Story on Voodoo Science Autism claim is just latest way to attack coal power plants for adding mercury into the environment. by Megan Alvarez June 27, 2005 The New York Times gave huge coverage to what one doctor called voodoo science by helping further the cause of anti-mercury activists. The Times June 25, 2005 edition devoted one-fourth of its front page and a full page inside to widely criticized claims that there is a link between autism and mercury. The article is the result of the anti-mercury crusade that also led to a recent ABC report. The... continue reading
Business & Media Institute Re-Launches Web Site With Added Features Upgraded site offers more content as BMI prepares launch of new newsletter. By Dan Gainor June 27, 2005 What a difference a day makes. The Business & Media Institute Web site has improved far beyond what it was just a little while ago. While it wasnt exactly over night, it probably seems that way to many visitors. Its been almost a year since I took the helm as director of the Business & Media Institute. Its been a good year for BMI. Weve had more than 50 broadcast appearances just... continue reading