CBS dares to criticize business ethics of other companies Network assaulted industry but didnt give them any chance to respond. by Megan Alvarez July 18, 2005 CBS jumped on the ethics bandwagon with a three-minute diatribe against business that never mentioned the networks own ethical lapses. The July 17, 2005 CBS Evening News took a one-sided approach that painted a sordid climate where lines can easily blur between business hardball and corporate crime, as anchor Mika Brzezinski put it. Reporter Anthony Mason criticized Microsoft for its work in China, but then provided no response from a Microsoft representative or anyone... continue reading
Networks will report just about anything you say if your name is Kennedy Environmentalists claim mercury link with autism is absolutely overwhelming by Megan Alvarez July 15, 2005 When do journalists repeatedly cover something that the medical community agrees is bogus? When the man behind those claims is named Kennedy. CBS added itself to the list of media outlets that have given coverage to a discredited claim linking a preservative that contains mercury, thimerosal, in childrens vaccines to autism. As a result, it gave a left-wing environmentalist a chance to further his hidden global warming agenda on national television. On... continue reading
Food Police Crack Down on Soda Media treat left-wing pro-tax group as unbiased consumer advocate. by Megan Alvarez July 14, 2005 The advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is pushing its agenda of more government regulation and higher taxes on food and beverages again. And major networks, including ABC and NBC, and newspapers like the New York Post and USA Today have provided them the stage on which to promote this agenda. CSPI released a new report saying that the average 13- to 18-year-old boy drinks two 12-ounce cans of soda a day and the average... continue reading
Memo to Media: Gas Prices Still Far from All-time High NYT is one of few to admit record isnt really a record. by Megan Alvarez July 13, 2005 Reports on record high gas prices have been rampant again in the mainstream media but theyre still not true. These reports defied basic economics by not taking into account past gas prices adjusted for inflation. A prime example of this was anchorman Bob Schieffer of the CBS Evening News, who reported on July 12, 2005, Drivers are already paying record-high gas prices $2.33 a gallon on average for self-serve regular. Schieffer was... continue reading
NBC On Auto Pilot Backs Union, Ignores Carmaker News show relies on UAW president, former autoworker and labor expert to tell a one-sided business story. by Megan Alvarez July 12, 2005 NBC took viewers for a ride with a one-sided story on the battle between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and General Motors. The July 11, 2005, NBC Nightly News story was about the rising cost of the healthcare plan of the UAW and how it is affecting GMs ability to compete in the global marketplace only no GM spokespeople were interviewed. An onscreen graphic showed the problem GM was... continue reading
Accuracy on Leave from ABC Network paints business-law reformers as eager to take parents away from sick kids. by Megan Alvarez July 11, 2005 Small businesses and the Bush administration are not teaming up to take away a mothers right to care for her sick child, but that was what ABC conveyed in a report on the July 9, 2005, World News Tonight. ABC anchor Dan Harris opened the report on possible reforms to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) saying, this mother is worried about what the Bush administration might do to a law that lets Americans take... continue reading
Jobs Report Positive; News Reports Negative NYT and Reuters frame positive news negatively, while others provide mixed reports or no report at all. by Megan Alvarez July 8, 2005 The Bureau of Labor Statistics had good news to report on July 8, 2005: unemployment was down from 5.1 percent in May to 5 percent for June and the economy added 146,000 jobs last month. The last time the unemployment rate was at 5 percent was in the Bureaus report for the month of August 2001. Additionally, the Bureau revised its job growth numbers up for April and May to 292,000... continue reading
Two Against One in Food Fight Balance not on the menu in NBC report on food industry. by Megan Alvarez July 7, 2005 NBCs lack of balance in a segment titled Food Fight that aired on the July 6, 2005, Nightly News set up a lopsided discussion between sides of the obesity debate. The segment centered on the struggle between two groups, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and their battle over obesity. When introducing the spokesmen for these groups, Rick Berman and Michael Jacobson, respectively, reporter Kevin Corke labeled... continue reading
First Class Research Receives Second Class Coverage Networks make erroneous and incomplete reports on Womens Health Study. by Megan Alvarez July 6, 2005 Is vitamin E helpful in reducing cardiovascular disease and cancer among women? It depends on which TV news show you watch. A new study funded by the National Institutes for Health was released on July 5, 2005, describing the effects of Vitamin E and aspirin on women in preventing heart disease and cancer. The Womens Health Study was covered by all three major networks, but the stories themselves provided varying degrees of accuracy. According to NIH, the... continue reading
Alls Well With Oil BusinessWeek explains why theres no need to worry about oil supplies. by Amy Menefee July 6, 2005 Rising prices for crude oil have revived questions about the end of the worlds oil supply. But the July 11, 2005, issue of BusinessWeek went deeper into the debate and came out with answers. Christopher Palmeri and Peter Coy reported on oil companies strategies for the future, including squeezing more oil out of existing fields as well as developing new ones. New technologies are enabling companies to identify the earths resources. And higher oil prices help make innovation and... continue reading