Times Blinded By Hazy View of Reality Dramatically cleaner air downplayed in a story about threats to Clean Air Act because troubles remain. By Dan Gainor August 3, 2005 Rudyard Kipling once wrote that East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. To Los Angeles readers of The New York Times Aug. 3 story on air pollution, that divide was as clear as a smog-free L.A. afternoon. The Times front page article California Air Is Cleaner, but Troubles Remain focused on the downside of efforts to clean the L.A. air. However, even the Times own... continue reading
Atkins Bankruptcy Stories on Low-Substance Diet Media focus on end to a craze, but wheres the beef about how business responded with healthy lifestyle foods? By Dan Gainor August 2, 2005 The Atkins Diet was one of the major players in the American weight loss debate. Now that the company behind the diet has filed for bankruptcy, most of the major media wanted a bite of the story. As Anchor Campbell Brown of NBC Nightly News put it in the Aug. 1 broadcast, Weve all heard the term crash diet, but tonight, news of a diet crash. The stories on... continue reading
Required Reading for the Tax Revolution FairTax would free markets, individuals from income tax. August 1, 2005 In The FairTax Book, Rep. John Linder (R-Ga.) and libertarian talk radio host Neal Boortz offer a witty and straightforward explanation of the political and economic consequences of making April 15 just another day. Published by Regan Books, it hits bookstores this week. And if tax reform is not a hot topic now, then give this book a month on the New York Times bestseller list for things to change. The FairTax is a bold idea to replace the income tax with a... continue reading
CBS Boosts Rocket Makers Evening News does positive story about private businesses in the space race. By Amy Menefee July 29 2005 It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that free market principles are rarely lauded on the network news. But when it comes to private citizens going into space, journalists cant ignore the news value. CBS July 28 Evening News took a positive tone in a story about PayPal creator Elon Musk, whos investing millions in his own company called SpaceX. Business Correspondent Anthony Mason also highlighted other entrepreneurs who are trying to build a better rocket with... continue reading
Media Downplay 25 Percent Tax Promoted By Democrats Journalists fail to link think tank study with senators connected to group that researched it. By Dan Gainor July 28, 2005 XXX marked the spot where the media failed to portray accurately a major new Internet tax initiative. Under a plan promoted by several Democratic senators, Internet pornography would be taxed 25 percent, but that wasnt the focus of the news reports. In the five stories since the July 27 announcement, journalists downplayed the major new tax initiative and promoted the real answer about teens using Internet porn based on a study... continue reading
Media Criticize Union Insurgents Networks, major newspapers lament departure of dissidents from AFL-CIO while pro-union voices dominate coverage. By Amy Menefee July 27, 2005 Union members are only 12 percent of U.S. workers, but media coverage of the recent AFL-CIO split hailed unions as the voice of working families and bemoaned the tragedy of a divide between them. An analysis of media coverage of the separation from July 23 through July 27 found the media erroneously referring to unions as representative of working families. continue reading
NBC Weighs In Against Businesses Network complains that companies discriminate based on appearance. By Dan Gainor July 26, 2005 NBCs Today attacked businesses in general for discrimination not because of their treatment of minorities, but because they werent fair to less attractive people. The July 25 story focused on a woman named Jennifer Portnick, who had been denied a fitness franchise because she was overweight. Policy stated instructors have to look fit and at 240 pounds, Portnick didn't fit the bill, explained reporter Michael Okwu. NBC, like the other broadcast networks, has painted obesity as a nationwide crisis. But when... continue reading
Labor Pains: None of Your Business Business representatives nowhere to be found in CBS, AP coverage of AFL-CIO. By Amy Menefee July 25, 2005 As two large unions split from the AFL-CIO, possibly changing the direction of the labor movement, news coverage glaringly omitted any voices from the ranks of management. Reports focused on declining union membership without exploring its causes or even interviewing non-union workers, who are the vast majority. CBS on the picket line: The CBS Morning News for July 25 featured Cynthia Bowers interviewing striking service workers outside a Chicago hotel. She included union member Efrain Cortina,... continue reading
No Shortage of Errors in Deficit Coverage Newspapers continue faulty approach to tax cuts. by Amy Menefee July 21, 2005 Higher-than-expected tax revenues and a lower federal deficit now thats news. The White Houses July 13 announcement that revenue was flowing in above projections prompted a flurry of deficit stories, and more than half the coverage analyzed by the Business & Media Institute repeated common errors exposed in Tax & Spin: Five Ways the Media Distort Tax Issues. In 11 newspaper stories between July 13 and July 15, more than half contained at least one distortion. Journalists emphasized record high... continue reading
CBS Talks Down the Economy with Biased Reporting Trish Regan ignores the numbers to criticize Greenspans rosy forecast. by Charles Simpson July 21, 2005 In the midst of a robust economy with steady job growth, strong gains in GDP, and little inflation, the CBS Evening News sees soup kitchens and long unemployment lines. Unsatisfied with Alan Greenspans sunny assessment of the economy, Trish Regan chose uninformed views over factual news to paint her own bleak picture. To spread pessimism, Regan took to the streets, where reality trumps forecasts. During the July 20, 2005, broadcast, news anchor John Roberts introduced Regans... continue reading