In This Issue Enlisting in White House War on Starr; NewsBites: Who Set the Sex Precedent?; The Monica Story's First Casualty; Editors Realize Liberal Slant Enlisting in White House War on Starr After years of calling him a "Republican prosecutor," Dan Rather announced the newest network poll: "By more than two to one, the public says special prosecutor Ken Starr is politically motivated to damage the Clintons." NBC News touted a poll showing 64 percent said the Starr probe is "partisan and political" while only 22 percent found it "fair and impartial." The unasked question in the pack of stories... continue reading
In This Issue Subtly Shifting the Spectrum Leftward; Newsbites: Gore's Goofs; Revolving Dooor: Kaplan's Clinton World; Dismissing Monica's Predecessors; Hunger in America; Racial Realities; Casting the First Stone; Janet Cooke Award: Abortion: Not Available Enough Subtly Shifting the Spectrum Leftward Over the last decade, studies of ideological labeling in print reporting have revealed that journalists often identify conservative groups as conservative, but rarely call liberal groups liberal, which suggests that reporters are sending their readers a subtle warning of partisanship about one side and a subtle reassurance of nonpartisanship about the other. Does this pattern of suggesting political battles are... continue reading
In This Issue The "Nonpartisan" Kyoto Cheerleaders; NewsBites: Weather Trumps Washington; Revolving Door: Turner's Clinton Man; TV Downplays Clinton Donor Who Lied His Way Into Arlington Cemetary; Democratic Slurs Not News; One Overlooked Tornado; Institutions Ask Why Credibility Down; Janet Cooke Award: Ted Koppel v. The "Flat Earth Society" The "Nonpartisan" Kyoto Cheerleaders The "environmentalist" agenda is easily classified as liberal: regulation reigns at the center of their proposals. At the recent climate conference in Kyoto, Japan, environmental groups proposed the U.S. cut its emissions to 20 percent below 1990 levels, a drastic, government-supervised suppression of American energy output. But... continue reading
In This Issue A Day in the Media's Warming Crusade; NewsBites: Cuddly Killer; CNN Touts Paris Over D.C.; Chinese Intelligence Brags of "Thwarting" Thompson Hearings; Big Government Solutions; Where's Charlie Trie?; Huaung Scored Better Than Thompson; Janet Cooke Award: Washington Week in Revisionism A Day in the Media's Warming Crusade President Clinton must have found the coverage of his October 22 speech on global warming’s dangers to be very heartwarming. With grim unanimity, the Big Three networks and CNN dutifully ran stories that conjured a chilling future of environmental degradation due to global warming. While each network took the most... continue reading
In This Issue Frenzy Over Princess Diana's Death Buries Senate Fundraising Hearing Coverage; NewsBites: Suspect Schieffer; Revolving Door: Kaplan's No-Scandal Decree; NBC Presents Convicted Felon's Tales of Oppression Without Rebuttal; Anchors Push McCain-Feingold; Sweden's Socialist Scheme; Even Liberals See Liberal Bias; Janet Cooke Award: All Hail Anita Hill, Millionaire Victim Frenzy Over Princess Diana's Death Buries Senate Fundraising Hearing Coverage Celebrity Culture Sinks Politics Again In July, MediaWatch noted how compelling details of the Senate fundraising hearings were buried by the media frenzy over the murder of designer Gianni Versace, with a Versace-to-hearings ratio of 7 to 1 on the... continue reading
In This Issue ABC Morning Anchor Leaves a Legacy of Cheerleading for Socialism and Feminism Joan; NewsBites: Targeted Droughts; Admiring Diana but Hitting Mother Teresa; DNC Chairman Downplayed, National Security adviser Ignored by Nets; Espy's 39 Indictments? Yawn What Sleaze Factor; Caldwell's Gospel; Defining Away Bias; Janet Cooke Award: "Dumbing Down" the NEA Debate ABC Morning Anchor Leaves a Legacy of Cheerleading for Socialism and Feminism Joan Joan Lunden: Not Molinari’s Role Model After waking up Americans for the past 17 years as co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America , Joan Lunden decided to move on to prime time with... continue reading
In This Issue Dressmakers Outrank Democrats; NewsBites: No Nazi Gaffes Unless it's Newt; Revolving Door: CNN's Clintonista; Tabloid Tales Trump Scandals; A Times Warp; Torricelli's Prenatal Studies; CNN Barely Touched Willey, But...; Janet Cooke Award: Don't Give Us Those Huddled Masses Dressmakers Outrank Democrats Last fall, Hedrick Smith devoted an hour of his PBS special The People and The Power Game to decrying the media's negative coverage of Clinton: "By focusing on scandal and conflict over substance, and by our increasingly negative tone, the media has distorted the nation's agenda and lost touch with the public we claim to serve."... continue reading
In This Issue Gun Rights Forces Outgunned on TV; NewsBites: Camel Canard; Revolving Door: Sidney's Clinton-Loving Slant; Hearings? What Hearings?; They All Do It; Nolanda's Non-Story, Religion and Rehabilitation; Kurault as Liberal Advocate; Janet Cooke Award: Another Frontal Assault on Objectivity Gun Rights Forces Outgunned on TV Network reporters feared a wave of criminals storming gun stores when the Supreme Court struck down portions of the Brady Bill as unconstitutional. On the June 27 CBS Evening News, Jim Stewart left viewers with this fearful conclusion: "No matter who does the checking, supporters of the Brady law say one lesson from... continue reading
In This Issue Hush Little Hubbell, Don't You Cry; NewsBites: Like A Good Neighbor?; Revolving Door: Repudiating Molinari; Sandbagged on the Flood Bill; Lunden's True Love; Uninformed Utah and Job Training That Works; What Are You? Switzerland?; Janet Cooke Award: Ode to a Communist's Lawyer Hush Little Hubbell, Don't You Cry Think back to the unfolding of Iran-Contra ten years ago. Imagine that instead of testifying before Congress, Oliver North suddenly made $500,000 in "jobs" from Reagan-friendly corporations and announced he would not cooperate with Lawrence Walsh or congressional investigations. Would the liberal media have yawned? Not exactly. So where... continue reading
In This Issue Government Watchdogs' Spring Siesta; NewsBites: Schieffer Goes Soft; Revolving Door: Hubbell's Friend; Imaginary Accomplishments; Worries About Welfare Victims; Frontline Finally Arrives; Liberals Rule Newsrooms; Janet Cooke Award: Volunteerism: A Scam to Mask "Cuts" Government Watchdogs' Spring Siesta President Clinton's twisted knee may have caused him great pain, but the media effects were salutary. Scandal coverage was relatively intense in the wake of Al Gore's clumsy March 3 press conference until news of Clinton's injury came the night of March 11. Then in April, the Big Three coverage of new fundraising revelations lost all momentum with only CNN... continue reading