In This Issue Study: Campaign '88: CBS' Liberal Agenda; NewsBites: CBS: Contra Bashing System?; Revolving Door; Rather Obnoxious; Janet Cooke Award: Susan Spencer: CBS News Study: Campaign '88: CBS' Liberal Agenda The TV networks, citing cost concerns, are covering the 1988 presidential race differently than previous campaigns. No longer are reporters assigned to follow each candidate. Instead, a few correspondents are stationed in key states to cover all the hopefuls as they pass through. Unable to cover every event, network officials told The Washington Post in January that campaign stories promise to become more "analytical" and "interpretive," a development confirmed... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Gorbymania; NewsBites: It's All In Who Says It; Revolving Door: James Greenfield; Janet Cooke Award: Bill Moyers and His PBS Series Study: Gorbymania With A Twist If you tuned in news coverage of the December Reagan-Gorbachev summit expecting to hear the Soviet line on detente, glasnost, Afghanistan, and the moral equivalence of the two powers, the networks certainly did not let you down. But if you also expected that same line on the Strategic Defense Initiatives (SDI) and Soviet human rights violations, ABC, CBS, and NBC offered a pleasant surprise. So proves a Media Research Center... continue reading
James Greenfield , Assistant Managing Editor, New York Times , adds Editor, New York Times Magazine to his duties in recent appointment. Greenfield was chief diplomatic correspondent for Time magazine, becoming Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs under President Kennedy before promotion to Assistant Secretary of State by President Johnson in 1964. From 1969 to 1977 he served as foreign news editor for the paper of record. Patricia O'Brien , Press Secretary to Mike Dukakis campaign since April, resigned in Thanksgiving weekend shake-up of campaign. She had been hired by campaign manager John Sasso who was later forced... continue reading