The MRC published MediaWatch as a monthly newsletter from 1988 through March, 1998, when it switched to bi-weekly production. The MRC ceased publication of MediaWatch in May of 1999 in order to concentrate resources on more timely analysis on our Web site. MediaWatch was dedicated to documenting liberal bias in reporting by reviewing news coverage of political and current events by the television networks, newspapers and weekly news magazines. Features included a monthly Study or Review, brief NewsBites, the Janet Cooke Award dissecting the most biased story of the month, the Revolving Door which tracked those moving between media and politics and On the Bright Side, a look at an unusually balanced story presenting facts ignored by the rest of the media.
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MediaWatch: September and October 1988

Study: Coddling Democrats & Discrediting Republican; NewsBites: Putting Up Their Dues For Duke; Revolving Door: Reagan-Basher for Editor; Double Standard Evident in Coverage; Pro-Soviet ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: August 1988

Study: Coverage of the Democratic Convention; NewsBites: Abortion Distortion; Revolving Door: Thomas Rodgers; Dirty Double Standard; Janet Cooke Award: CBS NEWS: Democratic Convention Coverage
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: July 1988

Study: Liberals in Control of Campaign Coverage; Study Bites; NewsBites:Rabel's Nicaraguan Fable; Revolving Door: David Burke; Dukakis the Moderate; No Hedging On Bentsen; Janet Cooke Award: CBS' ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: June 1988

Study: Primary Concerns; NewsBites: ABC's Anti-Bush Campaign; Revolving Door:Carolyn Gorman; Harvey and Maybeth Go Left; Janet Cooke Award: Front Line: Joining the Christic Cause
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: May 1988

Study: Contra-Dictiction, Media Style; NewsBites:Sam's Slanted World Skew; Revolving Door: Richard Pollock; Bettering the World?;Janet Cooke Award: Today on Angola
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: April 1988

Study: Ducking Jackson's Left-Wing Views; NewsBites: April Fools;Revolving Door; Honduran Diversion; Janet Cooke Award: TBS:"Portrait of the Soviet Union"
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: March 1988

Study: It's All Meese and No Wright; NewsBites; Today's Cuba; Revolving Door; Janet Cooke Award: Peter Jennings: ABC News
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: February 1988

Study: Campaign '88: CBS' Liberal Agenda; NewsBites: CBS: Contra Bashing System?; Revolving Door; Rather Obnoxious; Janet Cooke Award: Susan Spencer: CBS News

Revolving Door

James Greenfield, Assistant Managing Editor, New York Times, adds Editor, New York Times Magazine to his duties in recent appointment. Greenfield was chief diplomatic correspondent for Time ...
Media Research Center

MediaWatch: January 1988

Study: Gorbymania; NewsBites: It's All In Who Says It; Revolving Door: James Greenfield; Janet Cooke Award: Bill Moyers and His PBS Series
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